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Report from Athelé Oosterbroek


Hugh's Haven 

What a joy to be able to personally hand out blankets, beanies, soft toys to cuddle, hand warmers, knitted tops, stationery and books to this very needy group of children with Estelle yesterday, a fellow volunteer at the marvellous charity, Knit-A-Square, for whom I'm blessed to do voluntary work.

Fourteen children are cared for by a real live angel who has dedicated her life to caring for abandoned children at Hugh's Haven, in Kelvin, Johannesburg. They rely totally on contributions from the community and are all home schooled because there are not enough funds to cover even basic school fees. 

One of your beautiful blankets, that was so gratefully received by this little girl.

Don't be fooled by the fact that they live in a decent house; they were as excited by the bread, jars of peanut butter and bags of apples Estelle brought along as they were by everything else we gave them. The house belongs to a contributor who charges them a token rental, but money to feed the children is a constant struggle. 

We also took along some 'cuddlers' as sleeping bags for the toddlers, one of which would have warmed a three month old baby who was being collected from a destitute mother in Yeoville yesterday afternoon.

A heartwarming morning, one which reminded me of how very blessed my family and I are.

 Chaya, the lady who has been giving shelter to children in need for thirteen years in extremely grateful to all who reach out to assist her.

If you know of a group of children in need, who are not supported by government or other charities, who could do with blankets to warm as winter bites down on us, please let us know.

Preparing all the goodies at Estelle's home before we left!

The stash ... about to leave!

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Sorry to see that they do not have a Paypal account.  Is there somewhere we can send a Paypal donation from the U.S. that would reach them?

Diana,  The registration requires numbers I do not have......passport #, foreign registrations.....so I guess I cannot donate. 

It is sad that these children go hungry.  There are thousands of children in S.A. who go hungry every day. It would be lovely if we could supply food to every child every day.  The distributions must be difficult when you know that the children don’t get enough to eat. For one day they do receive snacks while waiting for their blankets.

JAM does a wonderful job of supplying a healthy meal for children.  In the past, KAS referred needy areas to them.   

I like Anneke’s suggestion.  She is purchasing snacks from the Shop so the volunteers are able to buy food for the children when they are doing a distribution. 

We need to remember that Knit-a-Square is also suffering from lack of funds.  Things do look better than they did a few months ago but Knit-a-Square cannot survive without strong financial support.

Diana, I've deleted your reply as you've posted private info that scammers will use.  Please send Helen a PM with the paypal info.  Thanks Linda

Helen, I've had to delete your reply as I did Diana's. You've posted an email address that scammers will use. It's sad we can't share in public but that's the reality of the internet :-(

Estelle and Athelé, you did a wonderful job! Heartwarming to see the children smile and I am so glad you could bring FOOD for them! I will visit the KAS SHOP soon, go to the Nutritious Snacks Department and put my basket full with food for the next KAS distribution! xoxoxo 

What a great feast of photos!  Thank you.  I loved looking at them. :) There's some very distinctive squares, hats and toys here. I hope their makers spot them!

Lovely report ! Thank you. All the children look happy, but I noticed that most of the children have bare feet. The blankets beanies hand warmers and jumpers must have been greatly appreciated. Gorgeous blankets and toys too. It is always so nice when someone  recognises their handiwork.I see that Hugh's Haven is named after a fellow countryman. Such a wonderful man and a terrible end to his life.

could we knit slipper for then?

Oh lovely. I did a search regarding the two tiny tots in the photo with one taking hold of the other's hat. I found the photo of the little one on the right receiving their toy and then the photo of the one on the left receiving their toy, and then of that child receiving a jumper - no hat yet but I am sure if the baby had been given a hat he/she would have taken it off as it the game of that age group. So beautiful to see this group of children and the love laugher and fun of the adults giving all that they could. Thank you :)

Thank you Estelle and Athele. So many photos to enjoy! You made my day joyful. 

Athele and Estelle, you are an inspiration with your dedication to Knit-a-Square and your hands-on involvement with distributing the beautiful items that members send in. Thank you for this lovely report!



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