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I have made various little pictures on some of my blanket squares but I wonder, is this really a good idea, considering that not every child can have a picture square on their blanket, and those who receive a blanket without a square could so easily feel left out. 

I don't know how to upload photos of these picture squares, but I'm sure you would agree they give pleasure, just wish I could do thousands of them!  If anyone can tell me how to upload some, I will do so.


Ruth x

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Silly me!  I am now replying to myself as  I have just found my answer in Photos on the top menu!!!

There is so much to read and discover on this wonderful website that one can get quite dizzy at times!

Ruth x

Hi Ruth.

If you would like to check out our Blanket Room discussion, you will see that sometimes blankets don't have any picture squares and others have quite a few....it doesn't seem to concern the children. The only time the team in South Africa had a request, was when a young man by the name of Joseph (I think that was his name) asked if he might have a blanket that was more 'boyish', as he had been given a blanket with lots of pinkish squares in it. It gave us all 'food for thought' and in the following year we dedicated one of our monthly themes to squares of 'boy colours', called 'Let's Hear it for the Boys'.  :))

Here is a link to the Blanket Room.....and thank you so much for your question.  xo


Hi Bev.

Good for Joseph, he obviously wanted a ' coat of many colours,'  so long as it didn't include pink.    Lovely to hear that a picture square or lack of it doesn't seem to concern the children;  they have far more important concerns than a little jealousy I'm sure...and that's a lesson for us all I should think!

Thanks for the link, I will read it. x

Please please please put pictures on the squares it is so fun and educational for the children to receive pictures in their blankets.

Thanks Sue, I certainly will continue with my picture squares, they are fun to make too as well as giving joy and, depending on the picture, a little education. I make my square first, then design a picture to sew onto it. It's a bit hit and miss, but surprising what you can make with an increase here and a decrease there! I admire the number and letter pictures which are actually knitted into the square, they must be much more difficult to do, similar to a Fair Isle method?

I duplicate stitch pics, numbers, etc., onto my squares, Ruth....I have never mastered the art of fairisle or intarsia.  :))

Your duplicate stitch pics are one of a kind, Bev. Tha Gogo and the guitar are some of my favorites. Tried a whale for last month theme, but failed Miserably!! Thanks for the inspiration, though.  

Wow - I find Swiss Darning so hard - I would far rather make something fair isle!  It just goes to show that it wouldn't do for us all to  be the same!!

Please do continue, Ruth. I yet to make one. 




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