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These two distributions were done on behalf of KAS by Mabel and Wandi one Tuesday when Joel drove the van to Orange Farm once it was loaded up ... this has enabled us to do more than two or three distributions per week during the 2016 winter season, and the result has been a big increase in numbers of blankets donated.


2016 has also been a good year for new gogo groups becoming involved, to help the flow of things and keeping us well stocked against the needs of the children.



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Thank you, Pam, for posting this report and these lovely photos.  I love the pictures of the little ones holding the blanket packs almost as big as themselves!  And that dear little one with the gorgeous blue blanket looks a bit apprehensive or shy in the photo above (with his toy), but happy with his blanket :) xo

Wonderful distributions. It's so lovely to see all the children with smiles on there faces.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

A fab report thanks, Pam.  :)) It is good to hear that Mabel and Joel are able to help out with distributions and therefore get blankets to more children and also ease Ronda's workload.

That little one in the blue blanket is just the most precious soul ever. That photo would be perfect for a downloadable card in the KAS shop.  I am thinking, seeing alot of the hats perched on the kids without the brims being turned up and it looking like cones on their heads that I will loom knit the brim right into the hats I do in future to make sure they get that extra warmth round the face and don't get most of the hat up off their head.  Just my personal preference after seeing the photos. Two great distributions and I love seeing all the children---so good to think of them being warmer and happier, even if just a little.  Thanks for all the photos! These children really are a treasure.

Thank you for these wonderful pictures! It is so lovely to see two distributions with so many precious smiling faces!

I am also absolutely thrilled to see a young man clutching a little giraffe which I recognise. It was the first toy that I bought from a charity shop for SA and it is the first of my items I have ever seen with a child. It is such a wonderful feeling! Thank you KAS for giving us all this amazing opportunity to help these little ones xxx

Congrats Helen!!!

It is a indeed a thrill to see something that we have sent to the children, be it a square, a toy, a hat or handwarmers.  :))

I think I see 3 of my blankets here. Makes it all so worthwhile to see them serving the purpose for which they were intended.

Congrats Cath!!!

You have made soooo many wonderful blankets for the children.  :))

I think I see one of my multicoloured teddy bears

It's a lovely thing that the internet and forum makes it possible to close the circle on donations. In the past, so many people must have donated garments, toys and blankets that just vanished into the blue. We live in amazing times, and of course, it's all thanks to those who take the trouble to take photos at the distributions, pass them on to Ronda, and post them up for members to see. Certainly something to be grateful for!

Absolutely Leanne, the photographs of the blankets, and, seeing the children wrapped in them, motivates those of us across the world to keep going - we know that every stitch is making a difference!

There is a little girl in a red hat and stripey top who appears in most of the photos at Itswareleng, she has a white teddy that  she is firmly clutching in all the photos. Very precious, like the boy in the red hat at Keletso. Thank you to the distribution team and the photographer as they are all wonderful colourful photos and do so much to make us feel part of it..




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