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Happy New Year Everyone.

I can't wait to see what pops up at the Teddy Bear Picnic.

Please all to the tally below, copy and paste into your entry with your picture and we can all watch the attendance to this event grow and grow.

Twenty three rescue toys sitting on 1 blanket already on their way to SA.

TOYS  - 23



 Amy what a fabulous treasure trove!  Thank you SO MUCH. These buddies will cause delight on so many faces.  Way to go on treasure hunting, you could give Captain Jack Sparrow lessons I imagine.  Every one of these is a delight.

Oh my, Amy, that's a blanketful of fun!  Great intro and super start to a fabulous theme!  xo

Happy New Year to all KASfriends.

Amy thank you for hosting a Teddy Bear's Picnic.

When Sharon came to visit us before Christmas she bought along lots of toys, which will be travelling to KAS at the beginning of January.  There are 90 toys in these 3 photos all eager to join in the fun. 

TOYS - 113



Oh my!  What an abundance of goodies heading to SA.  Please thank Sharon for all her generosity.

I spy some hand-made toys in all this fun.  There is blue Eyeore, Buzz Lightyear and an amazing fluffly cat.

These are marvelous.

Louise please give Sharon a big hug or double fist bump from us when you see her...this is a fabulous load of toys that every child will adore.  I'm delighted to see them as I find hand making toys takes a while compared to handwarmers or squares and I love that our eagle-eyed treasure hunters find so many fantastic toys for the children, and those who knit up teddies and others...BRAVO!   This encourages me to get going on some dolls...my New Years resolution.  So far I only have a Cuddle Bug to add to this lot...no cellphone camera to add him in but he'll be there in spirit with everyone else.

Please Jeanne, add any of your creations to the count.  I completely understand about not having a photo, but we do want to reach our number goals for ALL categories.

You are leading us on a wonderful start to the year again, Amy. Thank you. xo

Happy New Year, Everyone.  :))

Oh my goodness, soooooo many toys already.  What a feast for the eyes.

I have some toys that I purchased just before Christmas that I will add here, when we get back home in the next day or so. Have also ordered some online, which I am hoping will arrive in Oz, sometime in the next four weeks.

Thank you, Louise, for sharing the photos!  And thank you Sharon for gathering so many adorable 'huggables' for the children!  It's wonderful to think that each one of these treasures will soon be getting hugged and loved by a child ... xo

Happy New Year everyone.

Well Amy, you certainly have set a challenge for us all in this months theme! You and Louise have already given the toy tally an amazing start! I'm afraid at this point I am only adding one toy, but every one counts :)) I found this little chap in a charity shop, it is beautifully made and as this year's 'umbrella theme' is LOVE, I thought this little toy was special........

TOYS: 114



Sooooo cute, Chris...Lots of love here.

So cute. He's delightful.



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