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LOVE your big brown bear, Diana...what a handsome fellow.  :))

His knitted friend is looking good, thus far, too.  :))

I don't mind knitting toys, but like yourself and many others, I find the stitching together and the facial features a challenge.

THANKS Amy for the encouragement and tips. I'll study your later bears ( loooove their expression) and  will try it again. I read for the eyes position, 10 rows from the neck and 4 stitches apart ...???. Thanks for your support. 

So, so strokable a texture and the bow just sets it off perfectly. New owner will just love it to death. 

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The darling little bear above was also traveling with a wonderful bunny companion.

Indeed. The yarn was very soft, tiny curls and chocolate brown. I'm glad you counted it. Thanks.

I have a birthday this month......... I have decided that I will have an afternoon of knit / crochet and chat and an afternoon tea Teddy Bears' Picnic.  I have asked anyone who wants to give me a gift to bring along a teddy bear they have either made or rescued from a local charity and given a wash and brush up........ so I hope that by the end of the month I will be sending a parcel of teddy bears to you.

Sadly January in the UK id far too cold and wet and even icy and snowy some days, for me to have a real picnic!

Rebecca what a lovely idea !  Good luck with your prezzies !  

What a great idea.

Rebecca, what a loving and generous idea!  And a great way to spend a birthday afternoon.  If I was closer, I'd love to join you.  I hope you have a very Happy Birthday with lots of Teddy visitors :)) xo

Rebecca what a fun idea.  I wish I could be there for the fun and festivities.

Your group always has the best teddies.  They are a very talented group.  Can't what to see what is produced.

Happy birthday, Rebecca!

What a fab idea, Rebecca.  :))  I hope you have a lovely birthday. xo



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