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Diana you inspired me to finish off my Teddy Bear, which has been a WIP for over a year!  So here is George...he's far from perfect due to my poor sewing and I had to make him a scarf to hide some dodgy stitches around his neck but I'm sure he will be loved by the child who receives him. 

Louise, he's a Gorgeous George!  And you're right, a little one is going to be very happy to have this special friend!

I think he's very, very, cute, Louise.  :)) Good on you for making a bear with separate arms and legs, etc. I only make all- in- ones....so much easier.

George is so colourful and cheery, Louise.....there's no doubt he will be much loved.  xo

Louise, your  abilities are amazing. One day you pack so many parcels, the next day finish off your Teddy Bear!

The children will just love his bright colours Louise :))

He is just wonderful, Louise. So very cheerful. Someone is going to be very happy with this teddy.

This little one is soooo adorable and has so much character.  I love it.

The patchwork just makes it come to life. I know that each stitch is filled with love, so dodgy or not it is PERFECT.

I agree with Karla.  Where do you find the time to pack up everything and then make this beauty.  All the success the month for goals is coming from your capable abilities.  Thank you.

Louise, George is wonderful!!!  His colors make him unique and I agree that a child will stare into his cute little eyes and be so grateful to have him to hug  :)))  Well done!  xo

Fabulous bear ! This colourful bear will be just the thing to brighten a child's life.

I LOV HIM! And the new owner will too. 

These two bears heard the rumour about honey at the picnic and they jumped into a parcel I was preparing!

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They look so soft and snuggly, Chris. LOVING the expression of the happy chappy on the right.  :))



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