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Three sweet little bears, Amy (especially the one in the pink outfit.....lol)....are they looking for Goldilocks, perhaps?

I love your Teddys, especially the one in print Tshirt. 

My teddy left to SA last week . He ‘ll be there soon to welcome everyone to the KAS Teddy Picnic.

Amy, thank you for hosting a Teddy Bear´s Picnic. As I can see, it´ll be a funny month. I love all pictures with so many soft toys, squares and handwarmers. Great!

Oh my, Diana, what a handsome little fellow.  Obviously he was excited to be heading to S.A. because I can see the happy sparkle in his eyes :))) ... xo

This little one looks so soft and furry.  I hope to see it in someone's arms soon.

Thanks for sending it!

He's a real heartthrob. What a gorgeous shade of brown.

Diana, I am going to send a friend to your teddy bear / I hope it won´t be too big for a parcel/.

Thanks Karla!! I knitted one already, but (a big but) putting it together still do not know how to make him resemble a bear... 

Gorgeous brown bear Diana......I'm sewing a bear together at the moment...it's a struggle as sewing isn't my strong point.  He's got a head, body, arms and legs so far but still needs ears and facial features....I find faces sooooo difficult.  

The facial features is the challenge for me too. Sewing is not my strongest point (none) but getting better. The poor bear is lifeless. Look!

I'm getting inspiration from Amy's bears. 

Diana, I know you can do it.  My noses are triangles and I put them on early.  Once I figure it out I write lots and lots of notes in the margins for my toys.  I have found many toy patterns do not mention what row to put the eyes in, spacing between eyes, nose and ear placement.  UGH.

I have found with eyes, like us humans, they are halfway down the head.  

The bottom of the nose is the point of the triangle and the yarn goes through that every time.  This helps to give it a little dimension.

I know your bear will be darling.



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