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That's such a good description, Karla. It certainly does look like that.

Great bunch of toys Bev, I love the blue monkey, he has a wonderful facial expression!  :))

Ditto all the comments and I love your robots!!! 

And just look at Mr Blue Monkey taking charge!

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Well ... we just came through a wet, windy, and wild night.  The wind has died down considerably but it's still howling.  Thankfully we have our power back, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays on.  Schools and many businesses remain closed today due to power outages, so I'm counting myself lucky that I was able to finally make my coffee :)))  xo

So glad you are safe and have power.  Your weather just seems unbearable to me.

Please take care of yourself, maybe you have some time to pick up a hook or needles.

Thank goodness you are okay !  When I saw the pictures of the Atlantic provinces I was concerned especially with the damage in the Halifax area. 

Have an extra coffee and maybe keep a thermos full, just in case :-)

Thanks, ladies.  We are safe and warm and the wind has died down a bit more.  I'm even seeing some blue sky, which is very nice!

Funny you mention a thermos, Linda.  Last night, one of my River John friends said she was filling a thermos with coffee just in case.  The idea never occurred to me until she mentioned it.  It's a very good idea if you don't like taking a chance on facing your morning without caffeine.  Also a good idea to have extra batteries for your flashlight and someone handy to hold it for you so you don't have to knit in the dark ... hahaha ... xo

We have very high winds and pouring rain at the moment and some areas are without electricity, but at least we don't have the freezing cold temperatures. Estelle posted a weather map on FB showing temps of 40°C in SA around Cape Town.

This is a marvelous bear Karla.  It looks so soft and comforting.

What a wonderful find.



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