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It is so wonderful to read this update. They are precious, each and every one of these hand warmers. 

These little "pets" would like to join the picnic, please.   The pink and blue squares are TC Honeycomb.  The little fellow on the pink one thinks he's a puppy ... honest he does :)))  The big guy beside him on the blue square believes he is a bear. 

Let’s play along with them and pretend that's what they look like ... okay ;)  The child who receives them in a blanket will let them be whatever he or she wants them to be ...

I made the yellow square while playing with my swing needles, and bunny hopped right onto it ... xo

How sweet these pets are Glo!  

What darling appliques!  I can just see a child sharing secrets during naptime with these pets.

Awww, three cuties......gorgeous shade in your pink square, Glo.  :))

Three rather special squares, each beauitiful, but I rather like the puppy :))

I love your little pets very much.

Gorgeous squares, love the little animal heads, so cute Glo xx

Just imagining the children finding these little surprises in their blanket. What treats they are Gloria. 

TOYS - 248


SQUARES - 4471

Oops, added one extra hand-warmer early today.

Packaged up and mailed Arabelle's parcel and 3 more yesterday.  Sent 23 toys [excluding Arabelle and her 4 little friends] and 105 more squares.

The toys were so excited about leaving for S.A. that I couldn't get them to stop long enough for a photo of all of them.  However...a few indulged me :-)

TOYS - 271


SQUARES - 4576

Linda these little guys are super special and soooo cute.  I love the black and white bears with the big bows. 

I'm glad this group sat still long enough for you to get their pictures.  I can only imagine the chaos you had to contend with ... 23 stuffed animals running and skipping all through your house!  And singing and laughing too, I bet ... hahaha ... xo



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