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January 2018 Theme - Teddy Bears Picnic

These two little lambs arrived today....a little late for the picnic, but perhaps they can mow the lawn. :))

I love these winking lambs, they look super soft.  They can mow and frolic in the meadow with everyone else.

They are so cute.

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Amy, you can add a few more toys to the January theme. A friend was clearing out her house and found all these soft toys. I've put in a couple of pillows too. In the second photo you'll see that my cat decided she'd like to go to the picnic too. However I told her that it would be over by the time she got there. 

Please thank your friend for this very generous donation.  These will be so welcomed to the picnic, You kitty cat, too.

A great collection of toys from your friend, Valerie......your pussy cat is lovely...perhaps she just wanted to say goodbye, up close and personal.....lol.

Sweet colours in your handwarmers.  :))  xo

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Hi Amy. I posted off my Teddy Bear parcel Friday. There was some unused weight allowance when it went on the PO scales so I whizzed across the road to our op shop, and 4 teddies were added.  No time for photo

Good on you, Sue!!!!! More hugs for the children.  :))

That made me laugh, Sue. I just sent off a 10 kg parcel full of toys. I didn't seal it before going to the PO as I don't have accurate enough scales at home to weigh properly. I had a carrier bag with me full of bits and bobs and just kept adding handwarmers and small toys until the parcel was full enough. The postmistress, fortunately, knows me well and has everlasting patience . All our teddies are going to have a great time when they arrive in SA.

That's what I usually do also Valerie .  Unfortunately I forgot to take extra bits and bobs with me this time.... lucky it was op shop day, and lucky it is across the road.  I also have patient PO staff who know what I am doing ( have sometimes added bits to the parcel themselves



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