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So eye catching a blanket. And many things to entertain a child's mind. 

Totals Update:

TOYS - 220


SQUARES - 3035

Amazing.  If you challenge KAS members they deliver in a VERY BIG way.  What an fabulous group of crafters!

Ladies the packing is complete as I've run out of boxes for this shipment. They will be leaving my house next Monday. Here's a picture of the 10 boxes full of goodies waiting to go off to SA.

Amy, I have added 1085 squares to the tally as I have packed another 31 blankets.

As our group send so many items to Ronda we make a financial donation to cover distribution costs such as putting fuel in the KASvan and paying gogos to sew blankets.  :)))

I'm off for a cuppa and a sit down now!! 

TOYS - 220


SQUARES - 4120 

Louise, a well deserved cuppa and rest !   Thank you to you and your group for the ongoing support of the children...and Ronda.


Time to put your feet up and get some rest with a big cuppa!!! Many thanks to you and your Ladies!! Super Well done!!!

Enjoy your much deserved sit down and cuppa Louise :)) You and your wonderful group are truly amazing!

Thanks ladies....it takes several hours to pack up so many items...but the thrill is knowing that when the goodies arrive in SA 'our' children feel the love that has gone into every item.  

Blessings to you Louise for all this work.  I think you deserve a day or two of rest after getting this packed, packing slip completed and labeled.

Ten boxes for the KAS Barn.  I can hear the squeals of delight now when they all arrive.

One goal met KASers, now for toys and hand-warmers.  Of course all squares and blankets will gladly be received for more picnic participants!.

Thank you Amy......now we have to reach the toy and hand warmer goals....I'm sure we can do it before the end of the month can't we ladies?  

Louise, you and your group are super women. So many goodies for KAS children. A lot of thanks!

Wow-ee, Louise!!!! I couldn't possibly begin to imagine packing that many goodies. I feel so pleased with myself when I do one parcel, which would be nowhere near the size of ONE of your boxes.  :))

You have inspired many wonderful, caring, folk to share their love with those less fortunate......many thanks to you all.  :))

Simply amazing, Louise!  You have certainly earned your break so sit back and enjoy ... xo



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KAS supplied blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys to over 5,500 children in 2017.  If Ronda’s wishes come true, in 2018 even more children will receive the gift of warmth and love from around the world.

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