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A well deserved rest now! That's a mammoth job you've done Louise. 

Arabelle has donned her favourite[and only] dress ready for the picnic.  She's bringing along 10 squares and a jar of marmalade...in hopes that Paddington Bear will attend [she knows he loves marmalade sandwiches]  She will be very disappointed that the picnic basket won't be going with her !

TOYS - 221


SQUARES - 4130

Adorable Arabelle! Paddington will be there but a bit latte. He is watching his movie, Paddington 2again before going to the picnic. Just wait for him, please. Enjoy it!!

Arabelle, you are such a precious little one to be thinking of marmalade sandwiches for the picnic.

Your squares look like they might be honey colored, too.  

I love your dress and hair bow and I know there is a little girl in SA that will love them.

Safe travels.

Arabelle, Paddington is in my of my boxes...he will take a few weeks to arrive at the picnic but could you save some yummy marmalade sandwiches for him as he's sure to be very hungry after his long journey.   :))

Well, another lovely young lady!

Arabelle looks very smart in her favourite outfit..... and she won't be needing that lovely basket in SA, she will be lovingly cradled in the arms of a very happy little girl.  :))

My goodness, Linda ... Arabelle is very stylish in her lovely flowered dress and matching hair bow.  And a wrist corsage ... a gift from Paddington, perhaps?  A little girl is going to feel very lucky when she has Arabelle placed in her arms ... xo

Thanks ladies.  As soon as Arabelle heard that Paddington would be there she was ready to jump into a parcel.  She wanted to be in the first parcel....not realizing all the parcels will be sent together. LOL

She and Paddington should arrive about the same time so there will be lots of marmalade for sandwiches.

Oh how cute!!! 

I've got to say I'm loving this theme!  The imagination + creativity on display is simply fab.  I've really enjoyed taking a good look at new work ideas every day - and congratulate you all!!!!

I just love this theme I agree with Karen there is so much imagination and creativity. Louise's group is wonderful all those boxes ! I love all the toys and teddies off to the picnic. Arabella is a real sweetie.



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