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So soft and cuddly.  I love the expression on the one on the right.  It seems rather satisfied with life.

Chris, the expressions on the faces say it all!  They look so smugly pleased with themselves for sliding into your parcel ... hahaha  Buddy on the right seems to be saying, "mm-mm-mm-mm ... HONEY!!!!"  xo

Honey can be very enticing especially when you're a bear.  Glad this cuddlesome duo is enthused to be going to the picnic.

Beautiful duo! My toys are also very impatient and want to také part in the picnic but I had to prepare them at first for the long trip. I promised them to také a photo tomorrow and send a parcel as soon as possible.

Two more cuties, well done Chris. :))

Squeezable loveable buddies! Love these bears.  

January 2018 Theme - Teddy Bears Picnic

The weather has turned cooler and very windy/dusty, today, so despite the teddies and their friends' protests, it was a quick photo shoot and not a picnic as promised. :((

What cute robots.  The children will love playing with these.

At least all the friends have each other to snuggle with for the photoshoot.  They all look nice and soft.

Thanks Bev.

Bev, what an adorable group!  Do I see a bashful pink bunny hiding behind the blue monkey?  Oh well, I'm sure she will loosen up when she gets to the picnic and finds more bunnies to play with :)))   xo

Delightful especially the robots.  Perhaps they can have an indoor picnic or are they able to wait until they arrive in South Africa ??

A lovely photo! It seems to me like a school photo. There are teachers on both sides, pupils in the middle and a blue monkey as a head master. He looks so clever and important.

Hahaha...that is so funny, Karla.  :))



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