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The Rotary club of Jeffreys Bay and Spirals Studio have started a project where

children are encouraged to collect, sort and deliver “recyclable junk” to a central point and exchange it for tokens. 
They can then use the tokens to “shop” in an associated shop for toiletries, food, clothing, school supplies and books. 
The materials collected are sold to local recycler, Environman. Money earned this way, pays for about 30 percent of stock in the shop. 
Local businesses and individuals are invited to contribute by way of donations for the shop stock.

The sessions take place on a Monday, except during school holidays.

The benefits from this project are numerous; it cleans up our environment, empowers the kids to get what they need by using what is available, teaches the children to look at rubbish in a different way, the value of recycling, shopping and counting skills and deliver much needed support in a value for value concept rather than old fashioned hand-outs.

The KAS Stitch Witch Group is heavily involved with JBay

The Stitch Witch Group created 8,500 squares with 200 completed blankets, 300 teddies and over 500 beanies by the of 2013! Here are their targets for 2014 :

Photo: These are our goals for this year after we had such a huge success last year :0

JBay Facebook page link : https://www.facebook.com/pages/JBay-Recycling-Project/153517224701417?fref=ts

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This is the first week of trading in 2014 and 290 kids brought in 2.6 tons of recyclable material! Here are some of the delightful photos - so good to see happy and healthy looking children.

Latest blankets from the Stitch Witch Group!

The kids are already saving up their tokens for these!

Huge thanks to Office 4U for helping JBay to buy in bulk!

Her brother purchased this scooter for her with his saved tokens!

Patiently queuing!

New helper, Zolani, did a great job!

KK and customer!


Yolanda, a new volunteer from The Bay Pasta Co, checks the card.

Beauty, also a new volunteer from The Bay Pasta Co, helps the decision making!

KK and Gerrie

New school goer!                                                 David!

Wonder what to choose?                                   Fully loaded now!

Nina's JBay provided a much needed snack after all the queuing and waiting!


Those apples look tasty!                                    Bernadette's boutique is fully stocked.

Day done. Simon on his way home!

The end of the day - 2.6 tons!

What a feast for the eyes this photo montage is! I am still amazed at how much these kids bring in...I mean WOW.  I'd love to see something like this done in other places too.  It's just the most awesome ongoing situation...giving the kids purpose and hope and something to work for, not just an empty future.  They are seeing first hand that they can make a difference, to their communities and to their own lives, that they CAN work and earn and achieve.  I can't think of enough good words to describe the benefits being reaped here and as for the volunteers I wish I could hug every one of them, including those who knit and crochet the blankets and toys and donate the items and foods.  High fives every one of you!

Jeanne, you said it so well.  This project is worth millions, for you just have to look at the children's faces to see their self-confidence.  Hi five to Simon!!!  I feel that I know him as I have seen him so often in the pictures.

Not sure how much the children traded this week, but it looked quite a pile!

Hold tight to those precious cards!

New Michael, Lucas, Zack and original Michael!

David                                                                     A giant barrow full!

Young volunteers from Island Vibe. Thanks to Ntsiko for bringing them.

Pretty flip flops!                                                   Will it fit?

A moment of rest before school comes out!


New volunteer Ingrid.                                           Bernie's Boutique - perfect dresses for the summer!

[When the team left at the end of the day they spotted this little client proudly parading down the road in her dress!]

Maybe this one?                                                   Checking the size!

Posing with new dress!                                       Her big brother was impressed with her purchases.

Lots of hats in evidence this week!

This lad bought a bicycle from the Swop Shop in December and was telling the team how fast he can go!

A group discussion over purchases                   Posing in his new T-shirt!

What a good project!! I LOVE seeing these photos of happy kids!

Empowerment ... what a wonderful gift. The work you people do is absolutely priceless !!!  xo

Here here, JBAY rules.....x

I love the children choosing their clothes. That is exciting for kids anywhere. There certainly is a lovely selection. I see someone chose a cuddly.

The 3rd recycling day of the year was very hot and happy. Thanks to Infood for delicious pizza, all the volunteers and, of course, the kids who brought 1.1 tons of plastic, cardboard etc :)

4 very eager Recyclers :)

Balls, soft toys and bicycles available in the swop shop for the children to trade for their mulas :)

A big load of plastic ensures lots of mulas :)

Recycling is a family affair :)

We love unpacking donations from supporters of the JBRP - here you can see Tanja, Geraldine and a new volunteer checking out toys :)

The proud new owner (Seun) of a bicycle!!!!

3 weeks of collecting rubbish and saving up his mulas - here is he again :)

A very proud grandma (gogo) and her grand daughter :)

Recycling makes hungry :) Infood made delicious pizza for all the children.

Happy kids at registration - love the toothless smile :)

Awww... a teddy bear found a new home :)

Miss Booysen and her friends: pizza, marbles and a stuffed dolphin :)

Lots of choices available in the swop shop at the moment :) 

Somebody got a new doll :)

Lots of water needed on a hot summer day :)

Another happy customer and her cute new dress!

Somebody has a cute new helper :)

Clean hands for the pizza!

Love it!

It always amazes me how patiently the children queue up at recycling - even in this heat

He brought his sister for the first time :)

What wonderful stories these pictures tell!  Thank you, Gitta, and welcome back. 

Thanks Mili :)

Great selection of pics!



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