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The Rotary club of Jeffreys Bay and Spirals Studio have started a project where

children are encouraged to collect, sort and deliver “recyclable junk” to a central point and exchange it for tokens. 
They can then use the tokens to “shop” in an associated shop for toiletries, food, clothing, school supplies and books. 
The materials collected are sold to local recycler, Environman. Money earned this way, pays for about 30 percent of stock in the shop. 
Local businesses and individuals are invited to contribute by way of donations for the shop stock.

The sessions take place on a Monday, except during school holidays.

The benefits from this project are numerous; it cleans up our environment, empowers the kids to get what they need by using what is available, teaches the children to look at rubbish in a different way, the value of recycling, shopping and counting skills and deliver much needed support in a value for value concept rather than old fashioned hand-outs.

The KAS Stitch Witch Group is heavily involved with JBay

The Stitch Witch Group created 8,500 squares with 200 completed blankets, 300 teddies and over 500 beanies by the of 2013! Here are their targets for 2014 :

Photo: These are our goals for this year after we had such a huge success last year :0

JBay Facebook page link : https://www.facebook.com/pages/JBay-Recycling-Project/153517224701417?fref=ts

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In extreme 36 degree weather yesterday, just under 1.4 ton was collected. Well done to the 244 recyclers. Volunteers: you all work with such love and dedication, it restores one's faith in humanity.

Eish, it was hot! But happy - plenty water and ice, bananas, kids, visitors and volunteers. Thanks everyone for another great trading day.

Hats were a must yesterday :)

Shirtless children and very sweaty volunteers :)

Marie the "toilet paper" lady :)

The Gogos securing space in the queue before the children finish school :)

The star on the girls forehead was for excellent reading at school yesterday - we are sooooo proud of her :)

The swop shop is very well stocked at the moment thanks to fundraising and lots of donations. This is the calm before the storm :)

Ice was a treat on recycling day :)

Great hat :)

Volunteers Michael, Zack, Lucas and David are sorting :)

Young recyclers fresh from school checking their name / score cards :)

More hats...

Love this cute face .... :)

Tanja making sure that the children get enough water in this heat :)

Lots of choice in "Bernie's Boutique" at the moment :)

Long patient queues - even in this heat :)

The girl bought the back pack on one of the previous recycling days :)

Somebody is thirsty :)

The backbone of the recycling project - Simon :)

Anneke on handwashing duty :)

A banana and an activity book :)

Another favourite: marbles and tea :)

Anything with wheels helps as transport :)

A milk carton to provide some shade :)

Marie carried water and washed cups the whole afternoon :)

The kids love Gerrie and he loves them :)

Some help from Sweden :)

Too much to carry for these little arms :)

New volunteers from the language school :)

Too many choices :)

A new dress :)

And somebody got a bike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Gitta, these pics are always inspiring and you can provide so much more info about the wonderful volunteers!

Thanks Pam :)

We had to cancel the recycling on Monday due to rain which has brought some relief from the heat. Therefore, they won't be any photos of the children, BUT we had a very successful "Square Sorting Party" last Saturday. We sorted over 2000 squares into batches of 35 to make up blankets for the children.

We divided the Yoga studio in 4 sections: granny squares, stripes and other crochet squares, diagonal squares and single colour squares :)

Method in madness ;)

Diagonal squares :)

The striped squares pile :)

35 squares are packed into a plastic bag and are ready to be made into a blanket :)

A close up of the single colour squares or "Plain Janes" :)

Rita counting squares :)

One lady from the knitting group at the old age homes makes most of these striped squares and the children love them :)

Jill making sure that all the squares are the same size :)

Tanja is not sure what type of squares this is ;)

All done! Team work as usual :)

Well done ladies, you look exhausted, but must be satisfied with your achievement! It is lovely to see behind the scenes of the Stitch Witch team! Another 57 blankets nearly ready for action.

Wow, that is a lot of lovely squares. Terrific job ladies, lots of lovely blankets there.

Thanks Wendy :)

Fantastic job with the photos - it is almost like a movie. Thank you for the wonderful work you do at JBay Gitta and friends.

Thanks Maudie :) We had lots of fun too :)

Firstly my apologies for not posting at all last week and late this week, but I have had challenging internet times :) The last two Mondays have been really great. Each time the children dropped off 1.4 tons of waste :) 

The proud owner of a brand new bicycle :)

And his very proud mom :)

Volunteer Gerrie playing a bit of Cricket with the children while they wait in the queue :)

Different ways to transport the rubbish :)

Team Work :)

Trying to find space for all the purchases :)

The team from the "Surf Masters" make a huge difference at the sorting station :)


The restaurant "Prince of Persia" donated Samoosa for the children.

Great smiles :)

And another Stitch Witches teddy bear finds a new home :)

A new "recycler" registering with the Jbay Recycling Project

The bags of waste are so big you can't even see the children :)

Porridge, milk and tea for breakfast :)

We received two more bicycles for which the children can save up their Mulas :)

We had lots of clothing donations this month from very generous people :)

A very big bag :)

Trying on new boots :)

Checking out the books :)

A doll found a new home too :)

The proud owner of a brand new body board :)

Lots of plastic bottles :)


A new princess dress found a home too :)

Fun in the sun :)

Our recycler "Enviroman" picking up the Monday's collections of 1.4 tons :)

It is a lovely treat to see the JBay pics and they are all lovely. That princess dress looks wonderful on that proud and happy little girl !

Gitta, I'm still amazed at what the children do.  Great lessons in self reliance and independence.  Wonderful smiles!!  Thank you for brightening my day. 



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KAS supplied blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys to over 5,500 children in 2017.  If Ronda’s wishes come true, in 2018 even more children will receive the gift of warmth and love from around the world.

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 With Gratitude to our Gogos


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