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L earning about everything in the world.

E nvironment, this includes the colors, sky,

     weather, buildings and transportation.

A frica, let us embrace everything about Africa

    and South Africa.  Mandela Day is July 18.

R eading is the way we learn about the world.

   Picture squares with words, the alphabet with

   both capital and small letters.

N umbers and mathematics.  We can embrace

  numbers and geometric shapes.

I nternational.  Let us showcase the different

   country flags from around the globe.

N ature can explore animals, plants, bugs and

   all the best that mother nature has to offer

   little children.

G ames, children can learn so much by being

   able to play sports, games, with puppets and

   soft cuddly toys.

This July let us celebrate

The Wonder of Learning.

Here are some pictures from last year for inspiration.


Lets learn about geometry with this Pattern of the Month,

Circles, Triangles and Squares


The Wonder of Learning Photo Album


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LOVING your use of the contrasting bright and light colours, Linda....really makes your letter(s) pop!!

Don't tell Glo I said so, but that blue is gorgeous!!

It is a gorgeous blue, glad you like it [our secret, I won't tell Glo LOL]

Knew I could count on you, Linda.....lol.

I heard that, Bev & Linda ... and I'm in complete agreement!  That blue is gorgeous ... xo

I may be forgotten, but I'm not gone ... hahahaha ... xo

You're definitely not forgotten, Glo, but I thought you were gone...hence my 'blue' comment....I should've known you wouldn't miss it......hahahaha.

A pair of hand-warmers inspired by the flag of Costa Rica . Five stripes in blue, white and red. 

Blue: The Costa Rican Sky that works like a shield.

White: The peace.

Red: The heroism and energy for the Costa Ricans when it comes to defend their principles (like democracy).

Wow, perfect proportions and the red really pops.  They designed a great flag.

These pairs are inspired by the colors of the flags of Argentina and Ukcranie. Both countries found inspiration for their flags in Nature. 

Argentina (left) 

Blue: The sky above

White: The high white clouds and the snow of Los Andes

                                                                                         Ukraine (right)

                                                                                         Blue : The sky above - Yellow: The wheat fields

Another wonderful set of handwarmers Diana. I am enjoying learning about the colors and their meaning for each country.  Great International information.

Totally agree with Amy. I am loving learning about the different flags....and you have translated them into GORGEOUS handwarmers, Diana.  :))

A pair of hand-warmers inspired by the colors of the Botswana flag 

B is for Botswana as well

The light blue represents  water — in its form of rain, as it is a precious resource in Botswana, as well as the white color

The black band with the white frame has two meanings. Firstly, they symbolize the racial diversity of the country and also they represent the stripes of the zebra, the national animal  of Botswana.

This is great Diana.  I always try to learn one new thing everyday.  You are making it very easy to get that done with these flag hand-warmers.  

Now if I could only remember all this information....mmmmm.



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