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L earning about everything in the world.

E nvironment, this includes the colors, sky,

     weather, buildings and transportation.

A frica, let us embrace everything about Africa

    and South Africa.  Mandela Day is July 18.

R eading is the way we learn about the world.

   Picture squares with words, the alphabet with

   both capital and small letters.

N umbers and mathematics.  We can embrace

  numbers and geometric shapes.

I nternational.  Let us showcase the different

   country flags from around the globe.

N ature can explore animals, plants, bugs and

   all the best that mother nature has to offer

   little children.

G ames, children can learn so much by being

   able to play sports, games, with puppets and

   soft cuddly toys.

This July let us celebrate

The Wonder of Learning.

Here are some pictures from last year for inspiration.


Lets learn about geometry with this Pattern of the Month,

Circles, Triangles and Squares


The Wonder of Learning Photo Album


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July 2018 Theme - The Wonder of Learning

One lion, two birds. The top square is a really sweet, kelly green and the bottom, a bright turquoise blue......cameras!!!

Great squares Bev !  The children will have fun learning with these.

Bev, I so love your counting squares.  You find the best appliques.  I like these birds this year.  Kuddos to you.

Two fun squares, lovely lion and gorgeous birds....... they are special :))

What a perfect intro, Amy!  So much to inspire our crafters to show the children the fun of learning.  Super contributions coming in from everyone!  

Fell in love with this pattern last month when Jude posted it. Needless to say I have made a few, as I enjoy sending hearts to SA.

Each block equals 9 squares, and has so many possibilities with different yarns.

Woo-hoo!!!  They are STUNNING, Amy!!  Love the colours you have chosen for the owls and the contrasting frames that surround them......a lot of love gone into these beauties.  :))

Oh my word, what a stunner Amy - these must come under W for Wisdom in the Wonder of Learning! In the UK we consider owls to be very wise indeed!

Gorgeous work, Amy. What a treat for the children !! Thanks Amy. 

Indeed, Pam the owl is the sacred animal of Pallas Athena goddess of wisdom and judgement. 

Thanks Diana, it is lovely to know where some of the folklore comes from - at last!

Thanks for the input Diana.  You are a font of wisdom.

What a fabulous way to send love to the children !




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