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L earning about everything in the world.

E nvironment, this includes the colors, sky,

     weather, buildings and transportation.

A frica, let us embrace everything about Africa

    and South Africa.  Mandela Day is July 18.

R eading is the way we learn about the world.

   Picture squares with words, the alphabet with

   both capital and small letters.

N umbers and mathematics.  We can embrace

  numbers and geometric shapes.

I nternational.  Let us showcase the different

   country flags from around the globe.

N ature can explore animals, plants, bugs and

   all the best that mother nature has to offer

   little children.

G ames, children can learn so much by being

   able to play sports, games, with puppets and

   soft cuddly toys.

This July let us celebrate

The Wonder of Learning.

Here are some pictures from last year for inspiration.


Lets learn about geometry with this Pattern of the Month,

Circles, Triangles and Squares


The Wonder of Learning Photo Album


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I love your idea Amy.   Each blanket is finished in time for the special child it is meant to warm and inspire.

July 2018 Theme - The Wonder of Learning

7 pineapples, 8 cars. The green square was done in the same kelly green as my number one square, but today the camera was cooperating and got the colour more correct.

If you are thinking that the cars in the second row are driving on only their rear wheels, you'd be correct. Was trying to finish sewing them on between 12 and 1am, also while watching Footloose on tv....gave up and finished the bottom row this morning.  :))

Your picture squares have been brilliant Bev, these are delightful!

Your little cars were wanted to dance around the square to the beat of that terrific music.

I don't know how your fingers are still managing to sew on all these marvelous appliques. Mine just hurt thinking about it.

These are spectacular squares Bev....I wonder what is coming up for 9 and 10?

These are just mind-blowing!   

I thought perhaps the cars were doing wheelies because the boys were racing them around the school yard.

Vroom!   Vroom!

Can't wait to see 9 and 10, if your fingers hold out!

Such a pretty colour! Loving 3&4, and the striped square helps with the the counting too..... 7 white stripes :))

What a wonderful addition to this month's theme.  

As Chris points out 3+4=7.  Aren't you so clever.

Love that shade of pink.

GORGEOUS colour......and makes the numbers and counters really pop!!!

Love your number squares, Anne.   Bright and cheerful and so many teaching opportunities in a small square.  You get top grade!

My last blanket for this month Amy, and it is one that YOU get credit for.   

For others who don't already know, I was treated to a quick visit from Amy last year.   It was much too short, but very productive.   Not only did she bring me some delicious soft yarn, but she taught me how to do  crochet entrelac.   So, of course, I had to use the gifted yarn in the newly learned technique.

Amy had made a beautiful entrelac blanket working in the round.   I made mine in stripes, adding in some Caron Cakes yarn to get enough rows, then added a big wide border. 

I hope there are teaching opportunities for the children in this blanket … maybe counting squares, or identifying colors.

Thanks, Amy.

Wow!! A feast for the eyes, Sharon!!  The colours and design are GORGEOUS!!

I have been practicing my counting skills by counting all the blankets you have completed/posted this month. Well done!



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