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This month the Square Heart Award goes to

Andrea Palmatier (Canada)

Andrea has been an active member since 2009.

With her talent and skill with a crochet hook, Andrea has created many beautiful squares and garments for the children of South Africa.


                                   Andrea’s Love and Hope patterns are available in the KASPattern Book


In 2010, Andrea’s marvellous Jigsaw pattern blanket was one of 27 KAS blankets presented to the Soweto Gospel Choir when they sang in the U.S.A.

The Jigsaw pattern is available in the KASPattern Book

Members of the choir, with the blankets wrapped around their shoulders, sang “Oh Happy Day”.  It was indeed a happy day when the blankets were given to needy children at the Nkosi Haven, the South African centre supported by the Choir. 

Click here  to read the full story [scroll to “Oh Happy Day”]

 Choir member on the left displaying Andrea’s blanket.


Although Andrea has a busy life with work, a husband and 2 young boys, she has taken time to promote KAS through her blog, Andrea Squared.  It is always interesting to read. 

This is her mission statement:

"I've made a public commitment to crochet one square a day for KAS. My goal is twofold: spread the word for KASCare and warm the children with enough squares for almost 11 blankets. I'm also going to be sending at least one hat per 35 squares and, whenever possible, KASCuddles and GO-Overs."


Thank you Andrea for your ongoing support of KAS and the children of South Africa.

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WONDERFUL!!!  Congratulations, Andrea!  Your warmth and generosity shine through your eyes, your crocheted work and your blog.

Congratulations Andrea, well deserved. Your squares are truly amazing  and I really enjoy your blog, so informative and interesting :)

Congratulations Andrea. It is surely well-deserved. When I look at all the beautiful things you have created over the years, I'm really moved. Your work is very inspiring.

Well done Andrea - we especially enjoy reading your weekly blog - your creative squares have really inspired and delighted us!  We appreciate all that you have done for the benefit of the children and KAS as an organisation!

Congratulations Andrea!

Well done Andrea ! It is great to be able to celebrate all you do for KAS and your beautiful work !

Congratulations Andrea! This is so well deserved :)

Well deserved, Andrea! Thank you for everything you do for KAS!

How wonderful for you to be the recipient of this month's award!  I love your blog, and your many talents and stories have inspired me, and others, I'm sure, to forge ahead with more creative squares for KAS!  You're a very interesting and kind soul, Andrea.  Congratulations!

Congratulations Andrea!  What a wonderful commitment for the children.

Fantastic achievement, Andrea - well deserved and well done!

Congratulations Andrea!



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