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The June 2013 Square Heart Award goes to:


Elaine Jones of Shrewsbury UK, member since May 2009


Pam Johnson of Shropshire UK, member since June 2009


Pam and Elaine are a great team, doing an amazing job at raising funds and spreading the word about KAS in their area.


Way back in 2009, Pam was fundraising for KAS. Then she met Elaine and they started Knit for Life, as a charity in the UK, to raise funds to send squares,etc to South Africa.



Pam will pop out to the shops for five minutes and on return finds a large bag of squares awaiting her! She was so successful in spreading-the-word in her area she received a continual supply of squares - however, in her enthusiasm Pam forgot to mention the postage costs! A friend kindly gave her a caravan in which the squares and other goodies are stored! Now she and Elaine spend time raising postage funds. In March they had a successful Tombola stall at Yours Live, and last December they recruited a team to help as 'bag packers' at the Sainsburys Supermarket in Oswestry and raised £350 towards the cost of sending more squares to South Africa.

Pam at the Tombola

Elaine researched the rules of setting up a charity in the UK which has resulted in Knit for Life which also supports knitting for local hospitals etc. The vast majority of their funds goes towards postage to South Africa. In addition, each time the girls send a consignment to Ronda, they send £50 direct to help her with the handling costs!

Two slipovers by Elaine

A big thanks for Pam and Elaine for everything they do for KAS!!!

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You two really deserve to be recognised and awarded the Square Heart. You're a big encouragement  to us all.

Congrats Pam and Elaine!!

Well done Pam and Elaine !

Congratulations Pam and Elaine for this well deserved award :)

Congratulations Pam and Elaine !  Definitely well deserved.

Pam and Elaine Congratulations! This is is a great way to say thanks for your amazing efforts.

Congrats Elaine and Pam.....you guys certainly 'go the extra mile' for people less fortunate than yourselves....  

What a team!!!  Pam and Elaine, you two certainly deserve this award - thank you for all your hard work!

Wonderful work! I love your idea to raise money for postage. Congratulations!

When I first meet Pam & Elaine at Ludlow Food Centre back in 2010 - it was a beautiful sunny day, but what struck me most of all was their total commitment to KAS and the children of Africa.  They truly deserve this testament to the work they have continued to do from day one of becoming KAS members!

Thank you all so much - I'm a bit speechless at the moment - very unusual for me! :-)

Very much deserved, Pam! You and Elaine have been doing wonderful work for KAS!!!!







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