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Sugar and spice and

all things nice

that's what little girls are made of.

This month of June is all for the girls. Pinks, purples, laces, frills, hearts, flowers, let your imagination run wild as you knit or crochet squares, beanies, toys and hand warmers !

April 2016 challenge: count the hearts!28/3/16 square no 1319/3/16 square no 83D seven petal flower21/4/16

Toys are always welcome ! So many little girls have never had a cuddly toy all for themselves.

Comfort doll 1My Funny BunnyApril Theme - Count Me Intoy by Ka Collins/CLMethodistJan 2016 Our Beautiful World

Snuggle up the little girls in their favourite colours this winter !

Here is a link to the album for ths month's squares


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Wow Linda, what a lovely flower. The background really shows it off in all it's beauty.  :))

Very stylish!

Linda, what a lovely flower!  This would make a fabulous centrepiece for a little girl's blanket :) xo

Another beautiful flower square. June is going to be a big bouquet.

Great selection of Sugar and Spice already !  

cuddle bugs

So being pattern of the month is the cuddle bug, it has pushed me to finish a couple, that I had half made, then I made a couple of girlie cuddlebugs. Enjoyed making them this time around.So there could be more

Gorgeous Cuddlebugs Sharon, such cute facial expressions, as though they have their own individual personalities............I've just added the KAS Cuddlebug Pattern of the Month onto the main page of the forum for anyone who would like to have a go at the knit or crochet version. :))))
That was just luck Louise sewing in faces is not my forte :)))

I agree with Louise. All of them look so cute but everyone has got his/her individual facial expression. They remind me a cuddlebug kindergarten. Lovely soft toys.

They look great Sharon!!

Awesome, Sharon....love the 'girl' cuddlebugs.

Wow, Sharon, you have been busy!  These are absolutely adorable, and the colors are great!  I can just imagine the cuddles these 'cuddlebugs' are headed for :) xo



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