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Gorgeous girly colours and squidgy sounds cosy! :))

They look LOVELY, Karen....such pretty shadings.  :))

Yikes that looks to me so hard to work with. Gorgeous squares Karen. 

This aran weight blanket has a few contibutors, let me explain........

In April, I was deighted to have two special visitors, Ros (from Australia) and Val (living in Canada), who are the sisters of our KAS sister Bev in Australia. Bev gave Ros a few parcels to give to Val, who she was meeting up with in Canada, before flying to the UK.

Val had arranged a visit with me, but kept it as a surprise for Ros...... so she was a bit surprised to see a strange lady waving madly at them when I met them at the station in Cardiff! Bev had sent a yarn gift for me, which was really beautiful and lovely to work with and it made the centre panel of this blanket. I was amazed to see each colour change happen at the end of a row! 

So thank you again Bev, Ros and Val for giving, and tranporting the yarn to me, it was a super gift made even more special by the very special delivery service!

Oh wow!!  A GORGEOUS blanket, Chris!! The centrepiece looks prettier than it did when it was a ball of yarn.  :))

A little girl is going to love the dazzling border and those beautiful, delicate butterflies.  xo

An absolute beauty and it has such an interesting back-story!  Whenever you look back at this picture I'm sure the happy memories of surprise visitors and gifts will flood right back to you.   Smashing ✔️❤️

What a very special blanket. And it's so beautiful. 

I found a really simple pattern for a TEDDY TOY based on an "Izzy doll" or "Africa Comfort Doll" .  (I didn't know where to post this comment)  also the idea can be adapted to make other toy animals really quickly. 


you can also see the picture on Pinterest.  


Thank you, Arlene......and with instructions that are easy...  :))

Thank you for that - I'll take a good look.  It's pretty handy to have a lot of toy patterns for choice and use of keftivers.

WOW, Karen, what a terrific month it has been.   Between travel and computer problems, I have been absent most of the month, but have just spent a very happy time catching up on all the gorgeous squares and blankets, hats and handwarmers that are already showcased.   

Here is my first contribution this month … a blanket style that is probably familiar to KAS folk by now.   When I found a great online sale of Premier yarn Sweet Roll cakes, I bought one in every color, and made several versions of this blanket, but this special girl-colored one is the last of the bunch.   It is complemented by some smaller squares made with yarn that was a Christmas gift.

  • Gorgeous - love the rich purples.  Super neat crocheting of your signature design!!



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