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SUPER squares, Karen. I'm thinking of all the smiles you are going to bring to many children, with the pretty embellishments you have been adding to your squares these past few weeks.  :))

LOVING the bright pink square, top right, first pic. My eyes are drawn once again to the yarn in the square of the bottom right, first pic. This is the same yarn as one of your recent bears, isn't it? I LOVE it....and would love the name of it, if you know it.  :))

  • Thank you for your kind comments.  I've just checked and that pretty variegated wool was bought in a mixed job lot of wool and had no ball band.  I had 200grams of it + it went a long way!

Crying now......lol......I had thought, even if it is a UK brand I could probably buy it online....oh well, it's not like I haven't got enough already, to keep me going for 100 years.....and I can sit back and admire what you have made with it, instead.  :))

Had 'fun' with the fluffy peach and white yarn centres.  It is warm though: 75% mohair.  The peach fluffs will be a tactile extra for someone.  The 3 friends were a donation received on Saturday.

2018 June - Think Girls

Marvellous - these are smashing additions to our theme, thank you Linda.    I feel  peachy tones are not regularly used so these will stand out on a blanket. X

Your colour combinations are soooo sweet, Linda. I will have to TRY and keep the mauve/peach combo in mind for the future. I have two or three balls of peach tones that I have bought at various times to duplicate certain animals or faces.....and then they just sit there.......

Your donated toys are so cute....especially the dolphin (?) 

Love the colours, Linda. The toys are very cute.

Rachel Rebecca Abitz has made these two gorgeous hats for our theme this month.............. smashing wools eh?

BEAUTIFUL......... and soooo girly. Great hats!! Yummy yarns.

Thank you Karen for posting my pictures!

The June theme is really fun:-))

Your hats are lovely, Rachel. Love the pink.

Noortje Pronk has made these two beauties which are appropriate for our theme - bobby dazzlers!!



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