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Thank you Karen for inspiring us this month. 

Thank you so much Karen for hosting the June Theme.

You did a wonderful job, and so the participants did. I have looked with joy and pleasure to all the beautiful items made. You have inspired many of us :-)

Thank you Karen for hosting the 'Think Girls' theme........ great job!

I have been on holiday, so have just caught up with the beautiful contributions :))

June 2018 Theme - Think Girls!

Finished these on 2nd July......same three solid colours, with a different ball of variegated-twisted yarn, in colours of palest to deep pink and palest to deep grey. Last twelve for the blanket.

Bev, this blanket is stunning.  

I have always loved this look, and wanted to make one, but my knitting is too slow to complete all the squares in only one month.    But now you have inspired me to give it a try.   Maybe if I start now it could be a scrappy blanket finished in time for December???

Your colors are perfect, your stitching is perfect, and the smile on a child's face will be perfect when they realize they get to keep this beauty!

June 2018 Theme - Think Girls!

Went to lay these squares out in a certain design I had previously drawn up, only to realize I had knitted two too many of the purple and not enough of the rose pink. Ugh!!!...so now I have laid them out randomly....seems when I go on holidays, ALL of me is on hols, including my brain!!............will crochet an edge when I sew them together.

Strikingly beautiful, Bev. A masterpiece. Many Thanks. Karen will be thrilled when she sees it. I am.

Bev this blanket is inspired.   I have sincerely loved your idea right from your initial kaleidoscope squares.    A lot of hours must have gone into this beauty - it's unique.    Now give your psychedelic eyes a rest - they must be a little squiffy!!!

Such a clever idea, Bev, and beautifully executed. You'd never know that the layout wasn't exactly as you'd planned it.

Still a stunner, Bev.   A warm, lively blanket, filled with love.

This is so amazing Bev. The colors just slide along to another without clashing or boring repetition. I'm bookmarking this blanket for my "one day I'm going to" list. 

I'm only about a week late with this pink and purple C2C blanket.

There are a few strips with fuzzy texture and some with sparkle, so it isn't just dull.

I tried to use up all my pink, but there is still some left, along with plenty of purple.  




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