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YUM, yum, yum, Sharon!! Very pretty.  :))

I love your signature pattern and have enjoyed all the blankets you have made using it. When looking for mitre square blanket designs, I stumbled across a pattern for doing this, only in knitting. I was thrilled and have added it to my 'bookmarks' for a 'later date'.....lol. Haven't read the pattern, so hoping it's achievable.  :))

I like your rectangle designs so much! Always a pleasure to see the latest. I just know the new owners are intrigued by the shape and layout of colors. 

Think this one might just qualify - it is one of my pre-broken wrist efforts!

Of course it does - loving this bright burst of pumpkin inspired joy! Cheers ✔️

Certainly does, Pam. LOVE this colour combo. Have made a note to self to include more yellows and oranges as they really bring cheer to a blanket....move over, all my pinks and purples...haha.

oh Pam. Sorry to hear about your wrist. 

Thanks Deborah, it is not something I would recommend - I only went out early to feed the birds and slipped! The cast was covered in a rather fetching purple fabric and in a sling - I felt like the Queen, as everywhere I went people opened doors for me!

Adding for Jude Sullivan.....little Miss Olivia Owl. Isn't she just the CUTEST??!! Someone is going to adore her, Jude.   xo

I've fallen in love with this adorable owl - such a cutie, thank you Jude X

Love the pink owl !

The 5 diagonal squares to the left have not photographed to the colour which they are in real life - the wool is mainly fuschia pink, red, beige and brown - quite glorious and rich. The others are a little stash busting with some variegated and a patterned delicate square in a bright pink. Another 7 for the theme this month.

I've just finished off these squares ready for mailing today.   They make up my 52nd parcel.   Most of these are knit on the diagonal with appliques, but there are some PJ's half-and-half and striped ones too.    The peach wool was especially lovely to knit with.




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