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A few months ago the local playgroup in my village changed its uniform and had lots of new, unused tee shirts and hoodies they didn't want so I asked if I could have them for MNCP's pre-school children and as you can see below the children look very smart in their new tops. 


(from MNCP FB page)

What an exciting day it was for the MNCP Team to welcome the new Preschool class of 2018! Initially there were one or two tearful goodbyes as the parents/Gogos left the children with the Teachers, Katherine Jackson, Dorothy Marshall and Solomon Qadi, but they settled down quickly. These are all children who come from really poor households and are some are orphaned and living with Gogos who care for them. The children had never held a crayon or pencil before, so it was amazing to see how quickly they adapted to free colouring in today, once they were taught how to hold the crayon. They were so proud of their work and couldn't wait to show it off to Teacher Katherine! Isabel Malan did a puppet show with the children, illustrating that yes settling into a new school, with new children is scary but the Teacher and your classmates are there to help you. 

The children were treated to Ice-cream cones, sandwiches and were then give two T-shirts each which they were expected to wear when coming to school. Our ECD Centre is run on Tuesday and Wednesday. Katherine and Dorothy are the most amazing, dedicated and passionate volunteer Teachers. We are so blessed to have them travelling all the way from Hilton to come to Ezinketheni.

They look very good.  Lovely to see them given something brand new.

They look so good in their T-shirts, Louise. What a lovely gift.

A heart-warming story - well done, Louise!

A happy story Louise, what a joy to see them wearing the Purton tee shirts :))

Thanks ladies, I didn't want the tee shirts going to waste and knew MNCP would make good use of them.  We sent hooded sweatshirts for their winter uniform along with hats and beanies so hopefully they won't be too cold in their classroom this year.

Glad you spotted the logo Chris.  :)) 

Purton, one more time brings joy to the children of SA. Well done, Louise !! 

Thanks for collecting the shirts and then seeing that they get a home where they are really needed.  The children seem so happy with their new shirts!

As you know Jude loves a good charity shop bargain.....a while ago she purchased this Alphabet Lion which is being modelled by Joan H and me during Joan's visit to the UK last summer.  The photo was taken during our knitting group afternoon at Jude's house.   

I sent the Alphabet Lion to MNCP with the tee shirts for the pre-school children. Here's Katherine the pre-school teacher with the Lion when it arrived in SA. Apparently she is delighted with it.

It's great to think that this gem, spotted by Jude in a charity shop, and modelled so well by Joan and Louise is now helping to educate children in SA! :))))

I understand the teacher delight. It is a perfect teaching tool. Thanks ladies.

BTW, so nice to meet you Louise, finally!!!

What a great gift to the preschoolers.



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