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JBay rocks! I think that what they do is fantastic. Showing kids how to look after their environment and rewarding them for it in a very practical way.

Thanks Amy, like Bev I love the kids shopping photos.  I will have another parcel of shop goodies in the mail next week

Do you send goodies for the JB shop, Sue?

I have a few dozen long sleeve tees that I  bought a few years back (another phase of compulsive buying....can never resist a 'bargain'), when Ronda had clothing on her wishlist and I was going to knit vests to go with them.....never seemed to get around to the vest knitting part.  :((

Do you have an address to send them to, please? 

Yes Bev.  They will love the Tees. ( I have a pile of tights to send... same.. can't resist a bargain.  The address is  JBAY RECYCLING PROJECT. PO BOX 1128. JEFFREYS BAY. SOUTH AFRICA.  6330

Thanks for that, Sue.  :)) I'm glad to find a home for them.

What do you declare them as? Knitted squares? My p.o. doesn't seem nearly as friendly and 'look the other way', as yours does.  :))

I label the customs slip as " Gift" in the tick box. I fill it in as clothes for charity only. No commercial value. I write on the parcel in large letters " Donated goods for charity. Not for resale. No commercial value. BONA FIDE GIFT.    I send parcels to Jay Bay and also Little Libraries. So far no problems

Thanks for the info, Sue....they are very 'thingy' at my p.o. I usually just put 'knitted sqs for charity'....sometimes they are very heavy sqs when I am sending books and stationery supplies to MNCP....lol. I will try this.  :))

Thank you Susanne, I just ran across this conversation and will make a note of this information. 

Even the JBay Stitch Witches are getting ready for the SA winter.  Just look at some of these lovely creations recently posted of Facebook.  The shoppers will have a colorful selection to choose from.

Two more blankets for the JBay Recycling store.

Wow! They are beautiful blankets.  :))

Look what is happening with Little Libraries.  This is from their Facebook page:

As the weather turns to winter, we started distributing blankets.
This first lot was given to us by Val and Marion who have spent many hours, knitting, crocheting, stitching...The blankets were given to one of our little schools so that the children in their care are warm during nap time <3
Many thanks ladies



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