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I haven't been able to update Little Libraries for a while but here are some photos from the latest one - LL No. 217.
This is a little school where the male teacher (a rare occurrence in the townships) has been trained in story telling and Camille says that it showed!

There is a little clip on Little Libraries facebook page that shows what fun he had reading this new story to the children.  Before LL's arrival they had about 5 books to speak of.  The teacher said that he borrowed from the public library but because their opening hours are during school hours, he was struggling to get the books he needed.
Now he gets to read for over 4 months from his own little library without having to read the same story again.


I don't know why the photos came up as links.  If anyone can post them as pictures, please do.  Thanks.

Lovely photos Joan. The children look enthralled in the second picture :)

Thanks, Joan.  What super photos. The children really do look like they're enjoying the story :) xo

Thanks Gloria.  The lady in the bottom picture runs the crèche and you can see how happy she is.

Very heart warming photos Joan, and great news that they enough story time books now and a real storyteller !

Thank you Joan (and Gloria) for posting these photos. Having had a bookshop for forty-four years I can't even imagine not being surrounded by books. I just wish that there was some affordable way to send them to Africa. The lady certainly does look happy and the children enthralled with what they do have.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be at the moment Christine.  I am not a big fan of Amazon but  you can get things from them delivered overseas but unfortunately not South Africa at present.  I contacted a large company in South Africa to see if they would deliver orders from abroad but did not get a reply.
That wouldn't help if people want to send books they already have or buy in charity shops but it would have been a nice way to do it.
She has made the best use of the space she has with the painted walls with posters and carpet on the floor and obviously children happy to be there. 

Love the children faces enjoying story time. Thanks Joan for sharing these pictures.

I think Little Libraries is doing a fantastic job. The compact library that they have created is practical and attractive. And these photos show how much their libraries are appreciated by the children.

The Stitch Witches at JBay Recycling have been busy sewing squares together for the shoppers.  Look at these beauties.

They certainly are beauties Amy :)



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