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They are beautiful.

There will be some excited shoppers choosing these !

They will be snapped up like hotcakes.  :))

Below is a report from Sandra Pillay at MNCP. Thank goodness for NPO's such as KAS and MNCP who provide support to so many vulnerable, needy children and adults in SA.

Although our main focus is the many orphaned and neglected children, we cannot ignore the plight of the elderly.  When we became aware of the terrible conditions that 77-year old, blind Gogo Khoza was living in, we built a house for her.  The adjoining room is where her son lives.  He takes care of her.  Hereunder is a photo of the “old” building she was living in and the new house we have built for her thanks, to the generous support from friends like you. 

The new building we have constructed for Gogo Khoza. 

We just need to do the finishing touches like putting in the doors and windows and painting the building and Gogo will be able to move into her new house.  Gogo Khoza  said, “ I wish I had  eyes to see the goodness of God and what you doing in my home”.   

Apart from the weekly Prayer Meetings and Bible Studies held at two difference venues and the Sunday services, we give the Elderly Gogos a treat once a quarter.  On 22nd September they were treated to a hot meal and each Gogo received a Goodie Bag.  Hereunder is a photo of some of the Gogos.


105 Year old Gogo Ntshangase had to go to the Clinic, but we made sure she received her lunch pack and Goodie Bag.

Here's Gogo Ntshangase.


Yesterday I tried for quite a while to add this report, only to be contacted to say the photos weren't showing up but I could see them on my screen.  Hopefully the report and photos are visible to all now as I've deleted the original report and re-posted it but it's taken ages to do.  I think Ning is playing up. 

Your efforts are much appreciated Louise. What a lovely report and congratulations to Ntshangase on reaching 105 years of age.

Wendy, thank you.   Gogo Ntshangase is indeed a remarkable woman to have reached 105.

Thank you for the update Louise, it is good too that the elderly are being looked after, they have such hard lives. I would hate to think of my parents or grandparents living like that.

So lovely that Gogo Khoza will have a brick built home very soon - one can see from the well-wrapped up ladies just how cold get gets in this region.

Such wonderful news. Thank you and for the photos too. Good work is being accomplished for the young and for the old. How blessed is that?!!!

Great to see the news from MNCP. They are doing such fabulous work with the elderly.

Impressive is the work that MNCP does for the children, the elderly and the community in general in such precarious circumstances. Miracles. It's so moving to see the Gogos enjoying a hot meal and picking into their PINK goodie bag. And how about Gogo Khosa's new "casita". Many blessings, Gogo Ntshangase.
Thanks Louise .



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