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There's hope for me yet, then!  One more good reason (if we needed them) to belong to the 'magic' Circle.

Another amazing makeover by Jam Switzerland.  For more photos please go to their facebook page.

I love to see the colourful transformations carried out by JAM, Amy thanks for posting these lovely photos. :))

Thanks Amy. JAM do such a wonderful job.  :))

JBay Recycling update for November 28, 2016

3,7 tons recycled today by 249 kids. Well done, team!

Someone found a new teddy to hug.

A fantastic effort by the children.  :))

This teddy looks very squishy and huggable....sooooooo cute!!!!!

Thanks Amy.  :))

Thank you. This is a great place to keep up to date. I love the work that JAM does - it is such a sensible idea.

Now that we have this wonderful new discussion up and running, as part of our Forum Facelift I have closed and moved several discussions to a new location on the Historical WHAT'S GOING ON IN SOUTH AFRICA  category.

These previous discussions are safely stored and will be available for you to read any time you want to see them.

The old Little Libraries discussion can be found here


The old JAM discussion can be found here


The old Jbay discussion can be found here


The Stitch Witches of JBay have been busy.

December 5 was the last collection day for 2016.  Here is the update: Last trading day of the year. 313 kids delivered 4,65 tons.

Awwww, those little teddies are divine!!!

The 'collecting' achievements of the children is amazing!!!

Latest report from MNCP.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors we were able to give 40 Elderly Grannies (Gogos) a wonderful Christmas treat on 8th December. Rachel Lungu brought them a word of encouragement from the Scriptures. They were given a sumptuous meal and a huge load of wonderful goodies to take home. Thank you to all our volunteers who assisted.

For more information click on the link below.


Very moving sight ! Thanks Louise. !!



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KAS supplied blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys to over 5,500 children in 2017.  If Ronda’s wishes come true, in 2018 even more children will receive the gift of warmth and love from around the world.




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