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Thanks for the link,  Louise. A beautiful report....sure brought a tear to this ol' gal's eyes.  

A second report today from MNCP.

Thank you to all our sponsors who enabled us to give 300 children at Ezinketheni and 38 children in Northdale a bumper Christmas Treat. Thank you also to all our wonderful volunteers and Board Members who assisted. On behalf of our children, thank you and God bless you!

In some of the photos below you will notice the children are drinking from plastic tumblers.  these tumblers were purchased by my group of crafters following a discussion I had with Sandra Pillay who told me new drinking tumblers for the children were at the top of her wish list. My ladies raised the funds to make Sandra's wish come true.https://www.facebook.com/MamaNtombisCommunityProjects

Thanks Louise for both wonderful reports . These happy faces and warm smiles have made my day. . Let me know how I can contribute next time. 

Blessing to all the volunteers !!! 

Diana, I totally agree with you, seeing all those happy, smiling faces of the young and old, has made my day too.

Dear Louise,

You are, not doubt,  THE VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR!!!

Many thanks for all you do for "our children" and more.

Diana, thank you very much but I can't claim to be volunteer of the year. I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by a huge team of crafters who have the same goal as me, to improve the lives of 'our' children & gogos in SA.
Yes you do have a very large team around you Louise, but you are certainly the captain, you have the drive, dedication , energy and passion to keep everything moving fir KAS , we all admire all your efforts :))

We do indeed!!! You are a powerhouse!!

All the UK ladies that I see in the forum.....and those 'behind the scenes' have KAS and 'our' children held deeply in their hearts. Wonderful ladies, each and everyone.  :))

JBay Recycling had its first collection on Monday, January 16.  They report:

Welcome 2017! 298 kids collected over 4,5 tons over the school holidays. Well done to the volunteers and thanks to Nina's for lovely food.

We spied some beautifully crafted bears in the photos as well as toys and bags of recyclables.

Thanks for the update Amy.....4.5 tons is a huge amount of recycling. Such cute teddies, love the bright colours, bet these were snapped up in the shop. :)))

Aren't these children fantastic little collectors??!!!

LOVE the bears!!

Looks like someone picked up a pink teddy bear at the JBay Recycling collection day for January 23. 

This is their report:

Nearly 3,6 tons traded by 242 kids today. Beautiful handmade dresses, school tunics and sneakers were very popular. Special thanks to Cafe Kima for lovely sarmies and milk and to our Island Vibe volunteers. We also had visitors wanting to start projects where they live - very exciting!



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