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Thank you, Louise and Ronda, for sharing this important information with us.  There are so many more children waiting for a warm blanket. Let's all pull together and make it happen!  xo

How wonderful that we will be able to keep more children warm in 2018.  We can make this happen !

It is so heartwarming to hear of the wonderful reputation K-A-S has for helping the vulnerable children in South Africa and the volunteers eager to help get our squares sewn together to warm these children. I hope we can make this a bumper year, both with providing warmth and the necessary funds to get the blankets, etc., to the children who need them. Well done, Everyone!!!

Louise, this makes so much sense to me!  Most of us, whether we buy coffee or not, have much more of something than we need.  Just giving up one small thing that will not make any difference in our own lives will make such a huge difference in the life of a dear child!  Thank you for sharing this idea! xo

Oh I just want to hug that little fellow with the tears on his cheeks!  What a great idea, Louise.

Anne, he does look in need of a hug....I'm hoping those are tears of joy as he was overwhelmed to receive such a wonderful gift of warmth and love...that blanket sure does look cosy and warm. 

Thanks Louise, it is a good idea. I used to have a treat once a week when I visited my local small town, I would have a toasted sandwich and a cup of tea. After a previous financial appeal, I decided that a treat once every two weeks would free up some money, so I signed up to a regular monthly donation. This not only helped KAS, but me too...... less calories! So if anyone wants to lose a few pounds in weight, why not help KAS by signing up and give a few pounds / dollars as a regular donation? A win win :))

I don't wish to get cross, or devalue this for those for whom it makes sense, or suggest that this sort of thing isn't a good sacrifice to make, or anything like that, but I would like to point out that not all of us are well off.

I am disabled and long term on benefits - which is, granted, leaves me a lot better off in material terms than the children are.  Most of the knitting I do for KasCare is done with leftover wool, and my family usually chip in the postage cost.

Buying myself a coffee for the sort of sum suggested is something I never do because I can't afford it. 

I find this sort of thing a tinsy bit upsetting as a result, when there is a lot of it.

I do realise that on a community of this sort it is difficult to be sensitive to all groups of people all the time, and I like KasCare because it doesn't tend to be too pushy about its fundraising.

However, I would appreciate people's being aware, at least, and acknowledging sometimes that not everyone on here is can afford to buy multiple posh coffees every month!

Hello Cherry.....I am sorry you are upset.

We realise everyone's situation is different but we feel that this is a practical suggestion for people who are fortunate enough to be able to afford these small treats.  We certainly don't aim to pressurise people into making donations to KAS and are simply trying to offer our many supporters a way of making small donations if their finances allow.

Everyone's contributions are greatly appreciated, whether that is through knitting and sending items to South Africa or making small financial donations.  At the end of the day, the charity is about providing warm knitted goods to orphaned and vulnerable children.  The knitting is vital to that process, but we are also trying to secure the future of KAS by raising funds to cover the cost of distributions to the children.

I don't buy tea or coffee out for a treat either and I am not on Paypal so cannot help financially but I think they do have to aim appeals at people who  have more than you or I or they wouldn't be able to function, even though Ronda runs things on a shoestring.  Don't take it personally - frankly, there wouldn't be much point aiming a financial appeal at me.  We all do what we can and I think that it is appreciated.  I don't feel bad that I can't often go into a coffee chain as I would probably boycott them if I could anyway because of their tax dodging. 

Joan, as you say all contributions whether they are knitted or crocheted goods or financial donations are much appreciated by Ronda and the team in SA....the facts are KAS has grown year on year, the volume of items arriving for the children are increasing all the time, this puts extra demands on Ronda's tight budget. 



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KAS supplied blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys to over 5,500 children in 2017.  If Ronda’s wishes come true, in 2018 even more children will receive the gift of warmth and love from around the world.




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