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I'm thrilled!! I have raised 60 GBP by selling hand-warmers to the Fulham Running Club (London), for Ronda and the SA.team. 

Some of the members are wearing the hand- warmers in practice. today. (some runners are participating in a half marathon race Feb 18th) A big Thanks to all the contributors. 

Three cheers for you, Diana!!!  What a brilliant idea ... a fabulous way to raise funds to help Ronda and her team in S.A.  And the members wearing your hand warmers look extremely pleased with them.  

Catch this cyber (((HUG))) and give yourself a huge pat on the back.  Well done :))) xo

Diana, what a great idea; I love the hand warmers in their little bags, I can totally understand why you have sold out! Well done!

I'm going to think on this.

Sometimes people see me working on my little projects and ask if I'm selling them. And people who crochet ask if I have a pattern. I could just say make me an offer. ??? 

I love and admire your work, Deborah. l’ll  make anoffer next time. In my case, it was my daughter ‘s idea to seel to her runners friends. I’ll make you an offert next time, Deborah. Love your work.

Wow Diana!! They look divine.  :)) LOVE the presentation of them in a little bag....I can see a LOT of thought went into the whole process....and 60GBP???....you are FABULOUS!!

I can see the ladies are very pleased with them.....you should be soooo proud of yourself!!

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Thanks, ladies. I’m knitting the beanie , but for my daugher first and let see if I get an offer... lol!!!

Well done Diana! Great idea!



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