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Thanks Louise, for passing along the contents of our email discussion !

And thank you to each of you who are always so enthusiastic and generous and helpful towards KAS SA and do so much to keep us going to fulfil our yearning to keep every orphaned or vulnerable child in South Africa warm and encouraged, and knowing how unique and special they are, each and every single one of them ! 

It is always wonderful to see their little faces light up as their carers explain, in their own languages, that people all over the world are knitting for them, thinking of them, loving them and praying that they will grow up strong and safe - and WARM - because they are needed to be the future of this great country. 

Thanks to you, we are privileged to be at the forefront to deliver this message !

I wanted to add further, that having collected a large post on my own today, for the second week running, I am thinking of asking the delightful Thomas whether he may be free on Mondays each week as well, in the hopes that he could drive through from Soweto, collect the beloved KASvan and take care of the postal collection duties in future ... for a small gratuity !  We really would like to help to keep him busy in the hopes that he may stay with us ... he is so helpful in every direction.

Love to you all xoxoxoxoxoxo

Ronda, thank you for posting this lovely message, it's always good to hear from you on the forum. But,  I really do not like to think of you collecting huge amounts of parcels and packages from the Post Office on your own every Monday........I'm sure I can speak on behalf of all KAS members when I say I'm pleased to hear you are thinking of asking Thomas to take over the postal duties....hopefully he will agree to this, we just need to make sure you have enough money to pay him a small gratuity so that he remains loyal to KAS.  Xx

I totally agree with you Louise. I hope Thomas will be willing to help Ronda with the collection of parcels from the Post Office. Is it only Mondays, right?

Hi Diana...Yes, Ronda usually collects the parcels and packages on Monday ready for the volunteers to unpack and sort in the KASbarn on Tuesdays.  We have all seen photos on the forum of the huge number of parcels KAS receives each week so this must be really hard work on Mondays. Did you read Ronda's message in the intro to this discussion?   Asking Thomas to help with the post duties is one of Ronda's 3 wishes for 2018. Hopefully we can all pull together to make sure Ronda has enough funds to make her wishes become reality. xx

I did read it, but I did not know was Ronda doing the collection just by herself.  I will double the amount of my subscription for 2018. 

Diana, you are so kind and thoughtful, thank you so much for your generous offer....Lets hope Thomas is able to assist Ronda with the Monday parcel collection. I will ask her to let us know what happens. xx

I see. Thanks , Louise. I renewed my subscription for 2018. 

I hope Thomas is able to assist Ronda. Seeing the amounts of postage she receives each week, it is way too much for her to collect on her own.

Too true Bev. 

I did the same as you Diana, doubled my subscription.  Those of us who can help financially, it's a blessing to us to be able to do it. Those members who contribute even just a square a month, and physically sometimes that's all I can do, you're still valuable KASers---bless everyone of you, whether you financially help or not, you're all giving love to the children. Thank you!

I have just doubled my sub. I did that with a separate entry as there does not seem to be a way of changing the present donation.   Happy for any advice but anyway it is done ! It looks from the message as if Thomas is going to help with the distributions on another day. That would be wonderful. All that loading and unloading ! I have also popped into the shop to buy half a day's rent to get the  ball rolling for 2018.It is clear that Ronda will need extra support with the rent increase. Unfortunately our exchange rate goes the other way  and  mysub is about half as much again in our dollars and of course the same for rent. I wish I could help more !

Hi Sue, I don't think you can alter your present subscription, you can either close your old subscription then start a new one with the increased donation, Or as you have done, start a second subscription so you have two each month. I'm not the PayPal expert around here, if I've given you wrong advice someone will jump in and tell us.  

Thank you for starting an extra subscription to KAS and for paying towards the office rent, you have been supporting KAS for so many years, your contributions are much appreciated by Ronda and the team in SA.  Thanks again Sue xx



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KAS supplied blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys to over 5,500 children in 2017.  If Ronda’s wishes come true, in 2018 even more children will receive the gift of warmth and love from around the world.




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