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You are invited to our “Christmas Party” right here on the Forum.

It’s a time to gather, share thoughts with our KASfriends, and have some fun.

We hope some of you who like rhyming might pen a poem (or feel free to add one you have read and loved).

Share your favourite Christmas joke or cartoon,

or your favourite recipe ,


your favourite family tradition,

a photo of your Christmas tree or your pet in holiday garb,

your Christmas wish,

your secret for surviving this very busy season,

… anything that tickles your fancy, to get us all in the holiday mood.

This is a ‘feel good’ discussion – our Christmas gift to one another. So grab a cuppa, 

put on your thinking cap (Christmassy of course!)

and join in our celebration of KAS, one another, and this joyous season.

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I don't want Patricia's square to be lonely, so here's one from me.  It is no where near as complex, but it is all my brain can handle in this busy month!

Well, Anne, it may not be as complex, but it is equally beautiful :))  When I scroll through the pages of our KAS-KRISTMAS, each page looks all decked out for the holidays.  I love it!!!  This is one more lovely Christmas ornament for our discussion "tree" ... xo

CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD... unusual tree decorations.

One of my daughters has both of these on her tree.

The Christmas pickle is a Christmas tradition for some people in the United States and Canada A decoration in the shape of a pickle is hidden on a Christmas tree, with the finder receiving either a reward or good fortune for the following year. There are a number of different origin stories attributed to the tradition, including an origination in Germany. This theory has since been discounted, and it is now thought to be an American tradition created in the late 19th century.

Legend of the Christmas Spider

The Legend of the Christmas Spider is an Eastern European folktale which explains the origin of tinsel on Christmas trees. It is most prevalent in Ukraine, where small ornaments in the shape of a spider are traditionally a part of the Christmas tree decorations.

A poor but hardworking widow once lived in a small hut with her children. One summer day, a pine cone fell on the earthen floor of the hut and took root. The widow's children cared for the tree, excited at the prospect of having a Christmas tree by winter. The tree grew, but when Christmas Eve arrived, they could not afford to decorate it. The children sadly went to bed and fell asleep. Early the next morning, they woke up and saw the tree covered with cobwebs. When they opened the windows, the first rays of sunlight touched the webs and turned them into gold and silver. The widow and her children were overjoyed. From then on, they never lived in poverty again

Do any of you know of any other 'strange' Christmas tree decorations?

Well Anne, I have seen a strange tree decoration, but not in the way you mean.......

I always remember my mother carefully decorating the Christmas tree, and like most of us would enjoy admiring it over the Christmas period. Many years ago, when my brother in law was a young man, he enjoyed teasing my mother, and one day  a visiting friend was admiring the tree and commented on an unusual tree decoration...... a tea bag (unused at least) was hanging by its thread on the tree! My mother knew immediately who had done it, but what annoyed her, was that it must have been hanging there for a week before it was noticed! He never lived it down and we continued to tease my mother for many Christmases, asking where the special decoration had got to..... 

Who would have thought that many years later, long after my mother had passed away, that this little playful act would be a happy memory that could still make us smile :))

Priceless, Chris.  I roared with laughter.

Hahaha  Chris, that is a funny story.  It's wonderful how many memories we can bring back in our minds of loved ones and special moments that will warm our hearts and make us smile ... xo

Anne, this is definitely an interesting piece!  I had never heard of the pickle one, but I remember reading somewhere about the spiders ... probably because I'm not sure what kind of a fit I would throw if I woke up and found my Christmas tree crawling with spiders no matter how beautiful their webs were ... hahaha

However, speaking of strange decorations, I have some on my tree that some may think strange.  They are ornaments that my children's and grandchildren's tiny fingers made many years ago.  They may not look like much to you, but to me they are little diamonds on my tree! xo

Just loved the teabag story Chris!

Glo, I confess, I have not kept the kids' handmade tree decorations, but I try to compensate by having a little framed baby photo of each of them on my tree.  They are all grown up, but still check the tree to see if their photo is in a prominent enough place, and have been known to rearrange things if they don't like their personal location.

Oh yes, Anne, I also have their photos on my tree :))  And I will confess that I did not keep ALL the things my kids made ... just a few extra special ones. 

As a matter of fact, in a recent conversation with my 42-year-old son, he asked me if I put his soldier on my tree this year.  And guess what?  I did ... along with my 44-year-old son's pine cone angel :)))  xo

Our family is sort of the same Glo.  When the girls were small (2 & 4) I made them felt decorations.  Every morning at breakfast they would find a different decoration beside their plate.  Most of them have them have disappeared over the years, but Wendy's favourite, a little 'brown boy' still hangs on her tree. I only did that for one year - I had to stay up late every evening for about three weeks before Christmas to sew the ornaments for the next morning.  Memories, memories.

What a wonderful thing to do for the girls,  Anne.  And super special that Wendy still has one on her tree each year.

That reminds me of something my mom did for my sister and I one night when we were very young.  We always loved Christmas songs and this particular day we were trying to memorize the words to Jingle Bells.  We didn't have CDs, Internet, or things that would make it easy to replay or look up the lyrics.  We had a large vinyl record and kept gently lifting the needle and starting it over.

That night when we were tucked into bed we still didn't have all the words in our head.  The next morning when we went down to breakfast, there on the table was a page with the words to Jingle Bells neatly printed out in my mother's hand.

Probably doesn't sound like much ... just a little thing ... but it meant so much to my sister and me.

You're right ... memories, memories ... xo

Sadly no pets for me to take pictures of (we are renting and there is a no pets clause in our lease), but here is one of our tree and one of my soft toy friends, themed for the season. It is a fibre optic tree, but so hard to get the lights to show properly in a photo. Some years back we did have ornaments on our tree that I made (glitter stars and pipe cleaner candy canes), but when we switched to a smaller tree (lack of space in the new unit) they were too big to use anymore. Now with the fibre optic tree some gold beading and a few folly bells are all there is room for.



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