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You are invited to our “Christmas Party” right here on the Forum.

It’s a time to gather, share thoughts with our KASfriends, and have some fun.

We hope some of you who like rhyming might pen a poem (or feel free to add one you have read and loved).

Share your favourite Christmas joke or cartoon,

or your favourite recipe ,


your favourite family tradition,

a photo of your Christmas tree or your pet in holiday garb,

your Christmas wish,

your secret for surviving this very busy season,

… anything that tickles your fancy, to get us all in the holiday mood.

This is a ‘feel good’ discussion – our Christmas gift to one another. So grab a cuppa, 

put on your thinking cap (Christmassy of course!)

and join in our celebration of KAS, one another, and this joyous season.

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My lovely little cat, Grisou, is Glitter Pitter Paws.

I think Meeka's elf name is so cute.

A very cute name for a cat :))

She's a very cute cat!!

Ha ha ha ... cute, Anne :)) xo


Have been decorating the tree today. Maybe a photo soon.

What a fun group! :))

LOL! Love it.

I thought I would share the tree ornaments I told you about that my sons made when they were very small.

Here is David's pine cone angel that he made when he was in grade one.  The photo is his grade 6 photo.  That year, when the school photos were taken, they included an option for a pendant.  I chose them because I thought they would make lovely tree ornaments.  They do :)) 

Here is Kevin's soldier that he made the year before he started school.  The photo would be his grade 4 photo.  Another lovely tree ornament :)

Priceless treasures, lovely memories :))

Lovely Gloria. Special Memories. The pendants are beautiful too, what a lovely school photo option and a great way to use them.

Glo, those ornaments are precious! I also love the photo pendants.  We have never had that option with school photos, but the marketing people are missing the boat!  Just think of all they could sell to Moms and grandmas.



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