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You are invited to our “Christmas Party” right here on the Forum.

It’s a time to gather, share thoughts with our KASfriends, and have some fun.

We hope some of you who like rhyming might pen a poem (or feel free to add one you have read and loved).

Share your favourite Christmas joke or cartoon,

or your favourite recipe ,


your favourite family tradition,

a photo of your Christmas tree or your pet in holiday garb,

your Christmas wish,

your secret for surviving this very busy season,

… anything that tickles your fancy, to get us all in the holiday mood.

This is a ‘feel good’ discussion – our Christmas gift to one another. So grab a cuppa, 

put on your thinking cap (Christmassy of course!)

and join in our celebration of KAS, one another, and this joyous season.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my KASfriends. Thank you for coming to the party and making it so much fun.

I can hardly believe it - the baking is finished, the gifts are purchased and wrapped, cookies are delivered to friends... just one more thing to do... finish the left mitt of the 'hand-holding mittens' my grandson requested... so if you'll excuse me, I had better get at it.

You're excused, Anne :)  You've been a very gracious hostess.  The mittens look so cute.  What a sweet idea ... xo

Have fun Anne, job well done and yes, now time to knit! I have to make my Christmas cake today (it is Christmas eve here in Aus), it is one that does not keep as there is no alcohol in it, so I can't make it too soon!

Then some washing to be done (can't wash on Christmas day, no fun working on a holiday) and I am hoping to then spend the afternoon working on some more squares for my current blanket.

Thank you from me to you too Anne, the Christmas discussion has been lots of fun!

Lovely mittens.What a great idea...so romantic!

I apologise to everyone for not having been in the discussion very often, but it as been a hectic month.......with another week to go.

At last a peek at our tree. The angel was crocheted by a friend. She also made the cross stitch bauble. All the other ornaments came from a fabulous store in Strasbourg. They sell only Christmas decorations and are open all year long.

Some very pretty tree ornaments Valerie, I especially like the cross stitch bauble. Your angel is delightful too! 

What a lovely tree, Valerie!  It's probably a good job that no one has turned me loose in that Christmas shop in Strasbourg!

Thanks for giving us a peek at your Christmas!  Hope yours is wonderful.-

I could have bought the whole shop. Their ornaments were so beautiful and all very delicate. I bought several for our tree and several for a friend who just loves decorating her tree.

One day I'll go back there, I hope.

Ooooh, Valerie, this is lovely!  What beautiful ornaments ... and such lovely memories to cover your tree.  Merry Christmas! xo

Beautiful ornaments Valerie, I especially like the Angel and Cross Stitch ornament, they are just lovely.


Thank you, Anne. I have been one of the browsers and have enjoyed reading all the festive posts. I also loved your poem which I read in the Snippets. It brought tears to my eyes but was very inspiring. Warmest wishes to everyone for Christmas.



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