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Couldn't really decide where this topic should be posted, but thought here might be ok, (moderators feel free to move it if another area would be better).

Anyway, I have been thinking a little about the KAS Shop and had an idea of something that could perhaps be added.

How would a donation for Stationery go?  I.e. Pencils, crayons, erasers, pencil sharpeners etc?  Maybe a $5 donation? 

I was just thinking it might ease postage costs on parcels if we could send money for these to be purchased in SA, that way we can fill parcels with more squares etc?  I just find that crayons in particular can be quite weighty.

What does everyone else think, good idea or not, would it be making extra work for Ronda and the other volunteers (i.e. doing the shopping for them), or be helpful?

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Cherry, you can find a currency converter at http://finance.yahoo.com/currency-converter/#from=USD;to=GBP;amt=1  It is very easy to use.

I just checked and today $1US is 0.6156GBP

I don't imagine it changes a whole lot from week to week.

I could be wrong, but I think Paypal deals in US dollars or it could be that KAS prefers it that way, but in any case, we don't have an option when using Paypal in the Shop.

I don't think we could attach a currency conversion and keep it updated for shop items.  We simply don't have the manpower to do something like that.

I like the idea of various options for the Shop.  sending crayons for example is very expensive.  My donation could buy lots of crayons instead of giving it to the Postal Service that is increasing rates all the time. 

Also, I see that people are adding long sleeve shirts to go with over-vests.  I also think that if they could be bought in South Africa the postage I would use to mail one, could provide to buy more shirts instead of buying postal stamps. 

If some lovely volunteer could be the shopper for the children, our donation dollars could do so much more work on the ground in South Africa.  I'd rather spend postage to mail my knitting (with the occassional slip in - I just can't KNIT sox ) to bring up the weight for the parcel. 

I like the $5.00 amount as it is reachable even when times are tight.  And we can always donate more! 

Paypal takes my monthly donation in US dollars (I'm in Canada).  Love to all at KAS.

And if I donate $5, paypal takes between £3 and £4 [I'm in UK].  The amount varies slightly according to the current rate of exchange.  So the amount varies a bit every time.

I will often  see items in the stores I'd like to send...books, crayons etc. but put them back because of weight concerns.  Postal rates are going up, and I'd love to donate towards stationery items, crayons, pencils etc. over there.  Also balls---kids love playing with balls, many kids can be entertained by one ball but mailing them is ridiculous...now buying them over there would be awesome.  I'd happily do that, for say a creche or something...buy 5 balls.  So yes, I think many things could be bought over there but again, it's a matter of time and energy of the volunteers. 

And yes the blankets are the backbone of KAS and the hats and handwarmers.  It's great though if those of us who can spare a little can also contribute financially. :)

Balls are a great idea Jeanne they are hopeless to send but would give so much pleasure and lots of good hand-eye co ordination as well !

I perhaps should say that something like purchasing some "balls" would not in any way replace my contributions of squares, hats etc. to KAS, just that it would be a nice extra to fund once in awhile.  I am grateful for the reminder of how important funding some fuel for distributions is, or cellphone messages.  

Information for UK shoppers.  I just spent $14 in the  KAS shop and it only cost me £8.99.   Happy shopping everyone  x



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