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Every now and then some of us have the chance for a "meet-up"  This discussion is a place to store memories of these special times.

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Hope it's not going to be too long before you're back in the UK Joan...I've got a stack of tails waiting for you to butterfly or a blanket or two for you to sew together. lol

It was lovely to meet you too Joan, looking forward to your next UK visit so we can  all meet up again  :)

What a terrific story!!  Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.  I just love to read about KAS-sisters getting together to meet each other.  It sounds like it was a wonderful celebration of sharing ... with each other and with the children!  ((Hugs)) to everyone! xo

This is a wonderful report !  I am suitably jealous.  It is so lovely to read of KAS sisters get togethers. Very special to have an international guest as well. Joan must have been thrilled to meet you all. Great photos ladies.

Yesterday I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting a KAS Sister from Switzerland - Bettina was visiting Cape Town on business and had told me she was bringing two completed blankets and a few squares.  The blankets are lovely, soft and warm, and the 'few squares' turned out to be 38, including some which Bettina had made on the flight from Basel to Johannesburg!  In addition there is a huge bag of small soft toys, which I haven't made time to count yet!  I'll be taking photos when I can get organised, but in the meantime some people might like to know that there is a lot of blue and some very pretty pink!

Hello Bettina and Leslie :)))

Leslie, thank you very much for sharing this lovely photo and news of Bettina!!!  I absolutely LOVE 'meeting' our KASsisters ... whether in person or through someone else.  Thank you, Bettina, for your loving contributions!  I am looking forward to the photos :) xo

Lesley, thank you so much for the wonderful picture of the two of you.  It is amazing how KAS brings people together from all over the world with one common cause.  With 2 blankets and another in squares did she have any room for clothes?

Thank you Bettina for connecting with another KAS sister and for your very generous contribution.  God bless.

Thanks for the photo, Lesley!  Nice to meet you, Bettina.  There is nothing more fun than getting to meet a KAS Sister in person!

Thank you for posting this lovely photo Lesley, it's great to 'meet' you both. KAS brings people together from all around the world, isn't it wonderful?

Looking forward to seeing a photo of Bettina's goodies, especially anything pink! :)))

How wonderful to see you both together, it is wonder how we are able to cross the seas and meet up with our KAS Sisters. Thank you Bettina for all of your wonderful squares and blankets .  Thank you also Lesley for sharing and posting all the photos on the forum :)

Wow!! Somehow I missed this 'til now.

How super for you both to meet up...nice to see you both.

I imagine you had a great time. Hi Lesley! Hi Bettina!!

What a lovely story. Thank you.



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