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Every now and then some of us have the chance for a "meet-up"  This discussion is a place to store memories of these special times.

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Louise Tidman lives in a small village called Purton, this is just outside Swindon in Wiltshire. Louise has a group of over 80 knitters, most of these ladies are elderly and knitting is their lifeline They all makes items for KAS or MNPC.

Louise does not ask these ladies for money towards the shipping of these items. She raises this by fundraising throughout the year, to pay for this and send donations to KAS.

On Saturday 11th March, they held their annual coffee morning. Louise and her team were very busy on Friday setting up and I arrived from Essex early on Saturday morning, with my stock of yarn to sell.

The coffee morning was a great success and £1422.29 was raised, Louise has already sent some of this money to KAS and the rest will be used for shipping and donations to Ronda throughout the year when her shipping arrives in South Africa.

I was also able to raise £190 for the yarn sale, which will be sent to Ronda.

We all see the wonderful items the Louise's team of crafters make. But  here are so photos of the day and the faces behind those wonderful items.

Louise with Sylvia F ( Sylvia is one half of the Sylvia and Moira team)

Rose and her husband John who did a great job running the raffle

Maureen and Shelia P

Jude - selling felt hands for squares - we will reveal more about this fund raising section , which will be coming shortly !

 Now for the coffee morning


Thank you so much for posting this on the forum for me Sharon, the only thing missing is a photo of you! Thanks for all the support you give my group too, it's much appreciated by all of us, you are one of the locals now Sharon.

It was a wonderful day, over a 100 people were there and the support I get for KAS has to be seen to be believed. I sent a donation of £250 to Ronda straight after the fundraiser and always send money after a shipment to help Ronda with distribution costs. I have been given more donations since the coffee morning so my total raised is over £1500. Way to go Purton!! Xo

Sharon, thank you for this report and all the photos.  You ladies are amazing!  Congratulations to all of you and thank you for the hard work and all the time you put into raising funds and awareness for KAS.  

Your group is awesome!  Their love for the children shines through in everything they create.  The amount you raised through this endeavor speaks volumes about the love that lives in Purton :)

I am now anxious to hear more about "Jude's Hands" :)))) xo

What an amazing event! Thanks for posting this report.  You are all shining examples of what we can accomplish with a little creative thinking and enthusiasm plus a lot of hard work.

Wow, what an incredible report on an unbelievable group of people.  The pictures speak volumes as to the amount of love you have for KAS, and your talent never ceases to amaze me.

Many thanks to all the workers, crafters, supporters and volunteers.

Job well done and the children will reap all the benefits.

What a fantastic looking coffee morning. Congratulations on such an impressive figure. Thank you to everyone who was involved in the organising and who came and took part. The cakes (and the piles of yarn!) look very tempting and I'd love to hear more about "Jude's hands".

Oh my goodness, what a amazing group of people. Thank you.

Yet another fantastic coffee morning!! What a wonderful, fun filled, love filled event in Purton!

I only wish I could have attended again this year, but there is always another time....... I hope...... :))

A lot of hard work goes into creating such a successful event, thank you Louise, Jude and Purton team and not forgetting Sharon of course! 

A HUGE congratulations to Louise, Jude, Sharon and the very kindly folk of Purton!!

A phenomenal total.....and an amazing effort by you all.  :))

Thank you for the report, Sharon and thank you for including photos of Louise's many crafters and supporters. It is great to be able to put faces to names.

My one lament....I do not live close enough to shop at 'Sharon's Yarn Store'......lol.

It was so fantastic to meet Sue Gillman in Auckland this month. The time was short but very sweet. If I had my thinking cap on we could have met up later in the day when my friends went back on board early. It was a wet day and dashing around in between showers was the order of the day. After a delicious morning sea at the Mission Bay Cafe, Sue dropped us off at the Kelly Tarlton Sea Life aquarium where we saw a humane enclosure with King Penguins and their bred on-site babies. We also saw Gentoo penguins grouping up and zooming around in the big water section. The snow is made fresh for them all every day. None of them required sweaters. Sue brought along some squares for the photo shoot, the squares that bind us together. Photo by Marg Godfrey

How wonderful to 'see' you and Sue together Maudie. It sounds a though you had a lovely day. Thank you for sharing your get together with us.  :))  xx

Yes it was a special moment.



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