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One of you (thanks, Chris :) suggested that we introduce you to your Team of Moderators.  Some of you will already know who they are, but this month we have included a few of their names and just some of each of their duties.

Your Mods are the ones at work behind-the-scenes keeping your Forum content lively and interesting, lining up fresh ideas for themes, liaising between Ronda and you, sharing information and photos of KASbarn activity and distributions, keeping track of parcels received, sharing photos of completed blankets … the list goes on and on and on …

We appreciate hearing from you.  Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome. If there is something you would like to see or know, please let us know. We value and appreciate your input.

Thank You! to Sharon Fennell and Louise Tidman for putting together and running an incredibly successful Financial Appeal for 2017.

Find the latest Financial Update [here]

And Thank You! to all who answered their call for help.

Let’s give our continued support throughout 2018!

Thank You! to Andrea Palmatier for designing our unique and special KAS Snippets masthead, for keeping our KAS Shop stocked and running smoothly, and for all your behind-the-scenes work.

Still have names on your Christmas list?  

Looking for a last-minute gift?

Why not drop into the


It's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  

You'll find great downloadable gifts like ...

~  Beautiful Christmas Cards:   Choose from photos of the children or photos of squares made by our contributors.
~  Note Cards:  Nature Series and Flower Series Note Cards featuring the photography of some of your KASsisters!  A great gift for the special people you don’t text with ...
~  A Tunisian Crochet instructional and pattern book:  Great for yourself or a crafter friend who loves to learn new things.

~  For the hard-to-buy-for names on your list you can also purchase symbolic gifts like educational supplies for a child or fruit for a distribution.  All these items let people know about the charity you support while helping the children at the same time.

A poem by Eugene Field ...

Thank You! to Linda Maltby for receiving and posting the Distribution Reports and Photos



Read through to the end for a story with a happier ending ...

Thank You! to Christine Johnson for taking the time to continually update the pages of


Thank You! to Ronda Lowrie and Volunteers for EVERYTHING you do!  


Thank You! to Louise Tidman for your diligence in always searching out with a purpose and presenting a special free




Ronda would like more toys to distribute to the children in South Africa so to coincide with Amy’s Teddy Bear picnic theme I have chosen two patterns from

Members' Patterns - Toys discussion category 

Pocket Pals made by Penny Whittemore (USA)

Penny has redesigned these two pocket pals patterns and wishes them to be used for charity purposes only.

And for those who knit, here is Marina’s version of a smaller knitted teddy bear which would use up your odds and ends of yarn.

Teddy Bear made by Marina Kohler (UK)

Two bears made by Susan Goode (Australia)

Please remember good quality cleaned and freshened second hand teddy bears and other cuddly toys are suitable to send to Knit-a-Square. A lonely child would treasure a toy of their own to play with and love.  

Have a look through The Members' Patterns - TOYS discussion, where other patterns are available.  Please try as many as you like.

Thank You! to Bev Jeffrey for listening to our ideas, 

short-listing our suggestions,

matching theme to host,

and lining up our fabulous


Lots of squares, blankets, hand warmers, hats and toys.
Our love and care in every stitch.
Volume...... so there are always enough items for every needy child.
Every child receiving our knitted and crocheted items will know that they are valued and loved.

January 2018Teddy Bears Picnic ... Amy...... Teddy squares, sqs in teddy colours/textures and TOYS galore!

Get the rest of the lineup [here]

Thank you! again to Christine Johnson for posting received photos and information about opening days in


Thank You! to Anneke Sevink for keeping track of our squares list, calculating, charting, and presenting all the information in a neat little package every month.


The December 2017 Squares List is available.

Please visit the website: www.knit-a-square.com

Click on 'Received Squares'  

Graph “Squares” up until and including December:

174 parcels were received and opened and the total contents were:

8,748 squares (equal to 249 blankets), 525 hats, 374 pairs of handwarmers, 342 toys and many other goodies (marked with a "x" under column "Other" in the Squares list).

To see more graphs and details, please click [HERE]


168,554 Squares (equal to at about 4815 blankets), 8,913 Hats, 4,980 pairs of handwarmers and  3,823 Toys were received!


In combination with blankets in stock in 2016 - ready for distribution in 2017-  and blankets made this year, 


Thank You! to Sharon Fennell for taking time in her busy schedule to put together and post a great intro to our


There's still time between now and the New Year to get rid of some of those odds and ends you just can't throw away!  If you don't know what to make with them, have a look at some of the unique and colorful creations and be inspired by your fellow KAScrafters!

Often, one of our valued members steps up to help out and keep things interesting.  

Thank You! to Anne Powell for throwing a party and inviting us to share Christmas recipes, patterns, poetry, music, photos, memories, or just a good chuckle.  Anything at all you might like to share with your KASsisters will be a welcome addition to our 


Drop in and enjoy some of the things that make Christmas special for your KASfriends.

Here is some Music from a favorite group.  

And here's a sample of some other things you'll find ...

This beautiful poem was written by Anne Powell in April of 2009.  Every year it comes out to be read and re-read, and it never fails to bring a tear or two.  Along with the tears comes a renewed determination to be sure each precious child receives "A beautiful blanket of squares bright and wild ... "

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the camp
Orphans were huddled in hovels quite damp

No stockings were hung, for the world didn’t care
There was no hope at all that St. Nick would be there.

The Gogo sat watching the kids fast asleep
And for their lost parents, she started to weep.

A small gift for each, she thought through her tears
Would bring them such joy for the whole coming year.

And she curled up beside the smallest wee tad,
“Tomorrow we’ll sing, I won’t let them be sad..”

Then outside the hut, she heard a commotion.
It sounded like hoof-beats! And full of emotion...

She peeked out the door with her heart in her throat
Saw a little old man and eight small antelope

And the strangest of vehicles - with runners not wheels
And a jolly old fellow in red head to heels.

The Gogo was panicked, didn’t know what to think.
But Santa just smiled and gave her a wink.

“Don’t be afraid - let me in if you dare
I’ve a sackful of gifts sent by Knit-a-Square.”

As he entered the shack and looked down at each kid
Fast asleep on the ground, down his cheek a tear slid.

Then he reached in his pack and pulled out for each child
A beautiful blanket of squares bright and wild.

As he bent down to cover them up from above
He whispered “This was made, for you, with great love.

All over the world, people know, and they care.
The work of their hands , with you they now share.”

He waved the Gogo goodbye, and went to the door,
Then he stopped and said “Oops - there still is one more”

And out of his sack pulled a blanket for her
Wrapped it close round her shoulders - ‘Twas as warm as fur.

As she watched from the door., and saw him depart
The warmth she was feeling, was deep in her heart.

And she heard him exclaim as the sled rose on high
Merry Christmas Soweto, from the KASfolk and I.

AP 1/12/09

Thank You! to Leanne Hunt for her weekly written snapshots of the activity around the sorting tables in the KASbarn as she gives us 


Well, Tuesday was the final opening day of the year at Knit-a-Square and it's already Thursday  — evidence of the silly season and having so many "non-routine" things to do!  I heard from Ronda this morning and she too is run off her feet with end-of-year responsibilities.  But it's all good, getting things wrapped up and finished so that next year can get off to a fresh new start.  Note that this blog will also be starting afresh as Linda maltby has offered to archive all this year's entries and start me off with a clean slate!  I look forward to being a bit better organised so you can all find the updates more easily.


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Wow, Glo, I just read Snips, and I feel like I received a giant Christmas card. Thanks for all the hard work you have put in this year producing Snips and keeping us informed.

Thank you, Glo, for this edition of Snippets.  A big 'Thank you' to all the Mods for keeping our Forum interesting, lively and up-to-date.  Merry Christmas to all. 

Lovely round up for the last year and look ahead to the new one - thank you so much for doing this each month!

Glo, Well done for producing such a jam packed Christmas edition of Snippets....your hard work each month is much appreciated. :))

Glorious snippets Glo! A stunning edition! xoxoxo

Wish you all a Merry Chrimas.

PS: The link of the Snippets  on the main page refers to the November Snips.....Glo? Sorry, still something to do before cooking for Christmas :)))) xo 

Thanks, Anneke ;)  What in the world would I do without all my wonderful peeps!!  xo


Thank you Glo for a very festive Snippets, the last for 2017, during which you have kept us up to date with all things KAS. Your work is greatly appreciated!

(I have only just spotted Snippets, as I didn't get the usual email. I'm only mentioning it incase there is a technical hitch and others also didn't get it).

Chris, thank you for letting me know.  This sometimes does happen and I have no idea why.  Hopefully everyone will be expecting it and look for it, or they will see it in the featured discussions.  Also, I think it gets posted to Facebook.  

Too bad we can't just send another e-mail asking everyone who doesn't receive it to please let us know ... LOL ... xo

Thank you.

Thank you, Gloria. I always enjoy reading your Snippets. Thanks also to all the mods. for their hard work.



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