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Beautiful photos of two more distributions.

These were organized by Lindi at Mama Ella's and Sana Lwam

So many distinctive squares in these blankets.  This is another great place to find your work in S.A.  If you get a lift from seeing your squares on the sorting tables or in a the Blanket Room, you'll be over the moon when you spot them around the shoulders of a precious child!

 * * *


The Blanket Room is filled with squares ... all sewn up!

A huge thank you to Joel for the many, many photos he 'snaps'.  It's an extra special treat to see the work of knitters and crocheters from all over the world coming together to create such beauty and warmth!

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The May 2017 Squares List is available.

Please visit the website: www.knit-a-square.com

Click on 'Received Squares'

Graph “Squares” up until and including May


The May 2017 Squares List is available at http://www.knit-a-square.com.  Click on "Received Squares".

269 parcels were received and opened and the total contents were:

11,905 squares (equal to 340  blankets), 1,082 hats, 484 pairs of handwarmers, 521 toys and many other goodies (marked with a "x" under column "Other" in the Squares list)

To see more graphs and details, please click [HERE].

* * *

Every time I see our name on the squares list, I am thrilled ... just knowing our packages have arrived and that someone has taken the time to document them for us.  And then I look at the rest of the names on the list and am amazed at how many truly kind souls there are in our world.  

Thank you to everyone ... those who knit and crochet items for the children, those who receive our packages in South Africa, those who open and sort the mountain of items contained in them, and those who distribute our work to the children who need it most.  

We are a remarkable

and large


* * *


Sue has invited us to share some of the beauty that surrounds us in our world

From Sunrise

To Sunset

Each of us in this worldwide KAS family will have different things we see during our day.  Any of them can be inspiration for a square for a child.

Don't forget the PJ's, they can be made in the colours of your day.

Take inspiration from your fellow crafters or

just look out your window and imagine ...

* * *




Knit and crochet versions made by Christine Johnson (UK)

Crochet pattern designed by Andrea Palmatier (Canada).  Knit pattern designed by Shelley Pearson (UK) both can be found in the KAS Pattern Book.

The children in South Africa have very few if any playthings.  A puppet will give a child many hours of fun and laughter.

Teddy hand puppets made by Sylvia G  (UK)

Both the knit and crochet patterns can be altered to make a range of animals such as these lovely Lions by Amy (USA)

A terrific Tiger by Christine Johnson (UK)

And finally ‘Ellie’ the Elephant by Susanne Leverton (Australia)


* * *

Here's a little MUSIC to knit or crochet to

and please

feel free to sing along!

* * *

Leanne is helping to close the gap between us and our volunteers in South Africa with her beautifully written accounts of her visits to the KAS barn.



Leanne Hunt

Walking into the Knit-a-Square barn today, Bongi and I had to pick our way between parcels from the post office, rows of bags awaiting delivery to the gogo groups and piles of folded blankets. It’s not always this full of stock but Lindi had several people coming in to collect squares for joining, plus there was a lot of sorting going on ahead of a distribution scheduled for the afternoon. There were also completed blankets coming in, and Joel was having a hard time photographing them before they could be bundled into bags themselves.

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and meet


one of the founding members of Knit-a-Square.

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Woo Hoo, Glo.  :))  Thank you for another great 'month in review'. xo

There have been many, many, beautiful blankets in the 'blanket room' and who can do without their 'virtual visit' to the KASbarn, courtesy of the amazing, Leanne Hunt??!!

Thank you, Gloria - another excellent 'magazine', and the song, which I haven't seen before, is just BRILIANT - I had tears in my eyes watching and listening!

I always enjoy reading these "round up"s of what has been made, seen up, sent in and what is coming up for next month's theme.  The photos of the kiddies with their new toys and blankets are always moving.  The photos of the blankets are amazing - and some of the squares are amazing!

Thank you to all who make it possible for us to use our hobbies to help these little ones.  It is a privilege to do so!

Thank you so much Glo for this stunning edition! xo

Another stunning edition Glo, thank you so much for all the work that you and all the contributors do in making KAS Snippets such an informative and enjoyable read. Xx

Great edition of snips Glo, you always come up trumps !Thanks also for adding square inspirations to the current Theme of the month !

Thank you Glo for my favourite monthly read!



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 With Gratitude to our Gogos


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