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Mabel's church group offered to take and distribute more than 200 blankets to children in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, a place of great beauty, wonderful birdlife and extreme cold in winter; a place the world has not truly reached in terms of modern ways, where transport mostly happens on horseback and where poverty is rife.

Carting thousands of blankets around South Africa isn't an easy task, which is why it's so important for our KAS volunteers to have access to a vehicle in good condition, with a full tank of fuel.

Click [here] to see how just a $5 donation can help with a distribution.


Our November Theme


Valerie Z. (France) has introduced us to the soft and quiet beauty of pastels in a beautiful and interesting way.  The response from our contributors, as always, is incredible.  

There is still time to contribute.  It doesn't need to be anything fancy ... a simple Plain Jane in any soft, pale color will do nicely.  Click [here] for information and photos of this month's theme. 


Don't forget to pop into the KAS Shop and order one or both sets of our unique KAS Chrismas Cards.  For only $5, you can print unliminted copies.  Set One features photos of our children.  Set Two (new this year) features Christmas squares made by our members.  By using these cards you will be spreading the word about our work and at the same time, supporting KAS with your purchase.



October News: 189 parcels were received and opened and the total contents were:

7,447 squares (equal to 212 blankets), 284 hats, 207 pairs of handwarmers, 261 toys and many other goodies (marked under column "Other" in the Squares list).

These figures are lower than September's figures, so maybe in November the Post Office in SA will be full of parcels.  Who knows :)

You'll find October's Received Squares List [here].



It's always a thrill to see what is arriving and being


There just seems to be no end to the love that keeps pouring in from all over the world! 



It's wonderful to browse through the photos of so many beautifully completed blankets, knowing they are destined to wrap a child in warmth and love.  Have you spotted any of your handwork yet?



by Andrea P.

Fall in North America is a busy social time. In October, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving. Halloween lurks around the corner at the end of the month. Then in November, Americans sit down to enjoy their Thanksgiving turkey dinner. With all this getting together, why not make things easier and have a virtual KAS party? All the fun with none of the cleanup!

In order to help Pay the Rent – $50 US per day – you can select from these menu choices (or make up your own) and throw a virtual party for your colleagues, family and friends, near and far.
Even a single cup of coffee or tea will be added to the calendar, with 10 cups equaling one day's rent. Some KAS members have already hosted or been invited to a picnic, celebrated birthdays and commemorated loved ones who have passed. What would you like to celebrate?
Click HERE to help support our Pay-the-Rent Campaign.
Be sure to follow Andrea's monthly KNIT-A-SQUARE blog

The November 2016


Thank you Anneke for the square heart.

Goes to

Mme Legros

from Aubusson, France

Read more [HERE] about this lovely, quiet but regular contributor. 


5 ways to help a child in need:

1.  Make an 8-inch (20cm) square and send it to:


     Private Bag X900

     Bryanston 2021

     South Africa

2.  Shop for something special in our KAS Shop.

3.  Make a donation to help with the cost of distributing blankets to the children.  DONATE HERE

4.  Tell others about Knit-a-Square.

5.  Join our SQUARE CIRCLE FORUM and cheer us on.



Other questions?  Check our HELPFUL HINTS.



Block Stitch Square Knit pattern by Jan Burton (UK)


This pattern creates a great, double thickness square in two colours, without all the confusion that you get with normal fair-isle. This stitch pattern is very useful when trying to use a soft, "unstable" yarn such as chenille or thick short eyelash, which can easily stretch out of shape used on its own. Using the soft yarn as the background yarn, and a plain yarn for the foreground, this pattern will produce much more stable fabric suitable for blanket squares.


Have a look through our KAS Pattern Book where other patterns are available.  Please try as many as you like.   


Bev has gathered us all together and passed out the list for next year's monthly themes.  What a fabulous lineup it is!  Better check the themes list so you can tell Santa what yarn you want for Christmas!  But ... be sure to be good so that when Santa checks his lists, you're on the right one!




It's wonderful to see the great number of crafters who have joined our forum recently.  We would like to extend a warm and friendly welcome to each and every one of you!  Whether you knit or crochet, we appreciate your committment to help Knit-a-Square as we reach out to children in need of some warmth, a splash of color, a bit of fun, and a whole lot of love.

In the words of one of our treasured crafters, "... we make a difference in the life of one child with every teddy, hat, hand warmer and set of squares we send.  What a lovely way to give, with our hearts and hands and time and love.

Thank you ... all of you ... for joining hands with us!

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WOW - another excellent issue, Gloria!

Thanks, Anne :)

Thanks, Gloria, for another wonderful Snippets. It's great to see such a wide selection of articles. I have been very busy lately so haven't been on the forum much but now I feel right back in the know! :)

Thank you, Helen.  I'm so glad to know you enjoy our newsletter.  Life does keep us busy someteims, so it's a great way to catch up on everything. xo

Thank you Glo (and your wonderful band of contributors) for another inspiring and glori-ous read.  :))

I always feel such a well of emotion when reading all the wonderful things that our K-A-Square members have achieved over the month and the ways in which we can continue to make a difference moving forward. We are a continually evolving, progressive community, of that there can be no doubt and I would like to thank everyone who has been so quietly (but busily) working towards a more dynamic, streamlined forum. I hope our members will continue to pop in and support KAS and each other, as much as their time allows.  :)) 

Thank you, Bev.  So well said and I couldn't agree with you more! xo

Lovely update - and I am so very excited to see that the 35 teddies I sent right after our Teddy Day have arrived!!!!!!!

Thank you for the great  report Dear Gloria

Stunning issue Glo! I am sure it will inspire people to make items for KAS! xo

Thank you, Glo.  I so enjoyed reading this month's Snippets.  You have such a way with words that it gets one zinging to knit or crochet. 

How nice it is to know that so many of you are enjoying KAS Snippets!  It is such a pleasure to gather it all together and lay it out for you each month.  I really appreciate your comments and I would like you all to know that if it wasn't for several other Mods who write pieces for this newsletter, it wouldn't be nearly as lovely as it is.  Thank you to all who contribute each month.  You make my 'job' a whole lot easier :) xo

I love seeing the newsletter that is KAS Snippets - I so enjoy seeing all the lovely colourful work and the happy faces of kiddies who have so little to be happy about compared to some of the unhappy kids I see here in the UK.  Thank you so much to all who contribute!



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Postal costs for incoming parcels has risen alarmingly since mid-April
because of a new rule that ALL overseas parcels attract the customary
handling fee and that has been increased to R51.50 PER PARCEL[$3.74USD].
for July figures click :

See how you may help!



The AUGUST  2018 Squares List is available.

Please click HERE




     Planning ahead??

 See the 2018






Visit the KAS Pattern Book for free patterns in knit, crochet, loom and sewing. …


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