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November; my month for squares, squares and yet more squares!!!

by Valerie Zalewski


In reality it all started at the end of October. I was informed by a lady, who is very active in a local parish, that she had a big package of squares for me. They were knitted by an elderly parishioner and there were just under 100 squares.

Then I was invited to the 4th annual presentation of squares from the residents of various local EHPADS. An EHPAD is a medically assisted residence for the elderly and disabled unable to care for themselves. Many of the residents are Alzheimer patients or suffer from senile dementia.....but they love knitting! Every year we have a formal gathering where I'm presented with the year's harvest. There is always some entertainment and then tea. It's a very moving experience for me as these ladies are grateful for having something useful to contribute. They greet me with hugs and kisses and thanks. I have to keep explaining to them that I'm the one to be thankful for their continuing effort. The saddest part is the absence each time of one or two knitters who passed away.

Each year there between 1500 and 2000 squares. Of course they are not all perfect and there's often a lot of "tweaking" to be done before they are ready to journey to SA, but each and every one is a valuable addition.

Here's a sample of this year's collection.

There will be a few more to add as I've been invited to tea by another EHPAD who couldn't make it to the presentation, but wish to give me their year's production.

So, you ladies in SA who do such a wonderful job of assembling and sewing our squares into blankets, get those needles ready!


Keep checking


Christine updates our album regularly with photos she receives from our volunteers in South Africa 

There is often happy chit chat with lots of 'hoorahs' and 'yippees' as our contributors continue to spot pictures of their work.  It's always extra special when one of our volunteers finds the time to join in the discussions.  

Along with many other encouraging words, Estelle says,

"Thanks to all of the contributors for your time knitting and crocheting these magnificent squares."


Whether the weather be cold

Or whether the weather be hot,

We'll weather the weather

Whatever the weather,

Whether we like it or not.

There's lots to like in the temperature squares appearing in Anneke's


What are temperature squares?

The basic idea is that you knit or crochet a square for a blanket in a color that coordinates with the temperature.

Check out the gorgeous squares and blankets and find out what the weather is like in ... ... ...

There's still time to share the weather forecast for your area!



This is not good ...


When filling out your Customs Declaration Forms,  PLEASE declare 0 or 1 as the value.  Anything more incurs duty.

We are all aware that Knit-a-Square in South Africa operates on a shoestring budget.  Monthly donations are used to keep the operation running and help to cover the cost of KasVan gas for the distributions, expenses incurred in keeping the office running, and a myriad of other small expenses each month.


One of the expenses that Ronda has to deal with is the occasional charge levied by the South African Customs and Excise. Some of these are unavoidable, even when we have filled out the Customs Slip correctly, and are usually small, manageable amounts.




All of the customs slips have the option of declaring the parcel as a 'GIFT'.  PLEASE BE SURE TO DO THIS.


All Customs Slips have a square for declaring VALUE.  Please declare the value as $0 so that no charges will be made on your parcel when it arrives in South Africa. If your postmaster insists on a value, please declare $1.00.






Knitted Teddy Bear Pattern by Roz Goodwin

Ronda is running out of toys to give to the children during distributions and has appealed for more so this month I am promoting some of the toy patterns in the KAS Pattern Book.

Knitted KAS Cuddlebug Pattern by Christine Johnson & Karen Bennett

Children in South Africa have very few, if any, play things.  A toy will be a wonderful companion for a lonely child.  

Knitted Teddy Hand Puppet Pattern by Shelley Pearson


Crochet KAS Cuddlebug Pattern by Elaine Jones

Good quality second hand cuddly toys can also be sent to Knit-a-Square.  Many can be found at bargain prices in charity/thrift shops and make a wonderful gift for a child on distribution day. 

Crochet Teddy Bear Hand Puppet Pattern by Andrea Palmatier

Loom Comfort Doll Pattern by Denise Canela

Visit the KAS Pattern Book where other patterns are available.  Please try as many as you like.


 Isn't this a wonderful way to help support the fabulous work of Knit-a-Square South Africa!

Congratulations, Jennifer!

Thanks, Mom!



The October 2017 Squares List is available.

Please visit the website: www.knit-a-square.com

Click on 'Received Squares'

Graph “Squares” up until and including October


The October 2017 Squares List is available on http://www.knit-a-square.com.

Click on "Received Squares".

354 parcels were received and opened and the total contents were:

15,898 squares (equal to 454 blankets), 1,285 hats, 563 pairs of handwarmers, 379 toys and many other goodies (marked with a "x" under column "Other" in the Squares list).

To see more graphs and details, please click [HERE]


We are very fortunate to have our items opened, sorted, and distributed by so many wonderful volunteers in South Africa!  Each and every one of them is a treasure ... including Leanne!  She has a very important job and does it extremely well.  She helps to close the gap between South Africa and you!  Don't miss her current and past accounts of activity in the KASbarn where she introduces us to the volunteers, answers our questions, and gives us all ...


by Leanne Hunt


Bongi and I were back at the barn today, ready to lend a hand with the packing of blankets and sorting of squares.  There was a lively atmosphere as the volunteers milled around one end of the long table.  After greeting everyone and letting them pat Tango on the head, I asked what all the excitement was about.  Ronda was away and had, it turned out, messaged Mabel about collecting the post.  Plans were being made about who would go and when.

[Continue Reading]


Just one more thing ...

We are all waiting patiently for a list of our Monthly Themes for 2018 so we will know what kind of yarn to ask Santa for.  

Good news!  It's on its way.  The list, that is ... not the yarn ...

Watch next month's KAS Snippets for the full lineup.

In the meantime, we'll let you in on a little secret.  In January, Amy will start us off by hosting a Teddy Bears Picnic.  And if we know our Amy (and we do know our Amy) January will be filled with fabulous, fantastic fun!! 

So when it's your turn to whisper in Santa's ear, you can simply say "YARN!" and he'll know exactly what you mean ...

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Thank you and hello to you, too, Mili! xo

A cracking edition Glo, lots of light-hearted and delightful info - even with the Zero Tolerance message! As ever, extremely well presented and edited.

Thank you so much Glo for another brilliantly presented edition of Snippets, a great read! :))

Another enjoyable round up - thank you!  The toys could easily fit into the December theme of Odds and Ends (I think it is) because there is a lot of colour changing in the comfort dolls, the teddies and the cuddle bugs.

I am looking forward to the period between Christmas and New Year as it will be a patch of free time for me to crack on with some KAS knitting after all the gift knitting!!

Thank you for another amazing round up of KAS busy busy busy.

Thank you Glo for another stunning edition of the Snippets! Valerie thank you for your contribution about the EHPAD, so interesting and  a joy to read! xo

Another lovely issue of Snippets!  I've been very hesitant to try a toy up till now but I had a look at the Teddy Bear pattern and I'm sure I can do it!  In fact, reading through all the sections, I remember making a teddy in my teens.  The thing that intimidates me most is the face, but I'm sure I can get someone to help me.  Sometimes the teddies that arrive in parcels are all dressed up and they really are adorable!  Thanks for the encouragement to take the plunge!

Good for you, Leanne!  Most of us have trouble with the faces, so you're not alone there.  Whatever you make, I just know it will be a wonderful friend for a child :)

It really is great how our KASsisters never fail to inspire and encourage us ... xo

Leanne - have a go!!!  I am not good at the faces - and the one Comfort Doll I made looked like The Joker out of Batman - though I managed to rework her face before I sent her off!  

I remember when at school our needlework teacher told us that it was the flaws in the teddy's face that made the teddy more loveable and special......... 

I look forward no end to seeing your toy posted here :)

What a grand read this has been. Thanks for bringing me up to date!  I now know to concentrate on handwarmers, squares and toys if anyone asks what I'm doing.  Thankfully I have a few things ready to post, must do that this week.  Hugs to all.

It's been a while since I read thru Snippets and this format is delightful. So much news and patterns too. Love it! 



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KAS supplied blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys to over 5,500 children in 2017.  If Ronda’s wishes come true, in 2018 even more children will receive the gift of warmth and love from around the world.

See how you may help!


Crazy Cat 10 Year Anniversary Link


The MARCH 2018 Squares List is available. Please visit the website http://www.knit-a-square.com and click on "Received Squares"



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