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Below are the current and previous editions of KasNEWS.  For me this is very much a learning curve, but I hopeful that with each edition we can evolve an informative broadsheet of news, info and interesting items!





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Thanks Anne, positive feedback is always lovely and spurs me on to the next edition!

Having gone through both newsletters I am just humbled and awed by how many people are involved in this worldwide now.  To just be part of it is SUCH a privilege.   :)

Just a note to say the May edition can be viewed in pdf form - see top of discussion page. Have inserted a pic of Ronda about to be submerged by all the KAS parcels & packages!  The May edition has still be broadcast via the Ning Network, but as usual I'm having a little techno difficulties (my skills need upgrading) - which I hope will be resolved very soon........

Hi Pam

Don't know what I am doing wrong....but am clicking on it, but it won't open....hopefully it is just me ...and it will open, somehow.. Will try again later.

Bev, I've now managed to send KasNEWS through the Ning Network system and you should receive a direct email attachment.  Hopefully, this one will open for you.  Have tested the above link and it does open.  Not quite sure why it is resisting your attempts!  

Great to read KAS news and to know that I am contributing to a really worthwhile cause.  I am in South Africa at the moment and met a lovely lady the other day to pass on my contributiuon to KAS.  The lady in question was Ronda and we actually met in a car park!!   All I can say to everyone is keep up the good work. 

Thank Irene, it is always good to receive such positive feedback.

What a lovely story and special moment, to be able to meet Ronda who works so much on our behalf!  

Have a wonderful stay in South Africa.

Kudos, Pam, for another oustanding issue of KasNews! Thanks for all your hard work in keeping us up-to-date.

FYI, I had trouble with the link above in the discussion intro as did Bev, but it easily opened from the link in the broadcast message.

I enjoyed the photos.. and in particular the creation by Linda Maltby at the very end.  I wish we could find another place to prominently display this one... it says it all.  Well done Linda, if you are reading this.

Thanks Anne, when I saw the pattern I knew it was an example of the wonderful love and care that KASfolk send to South Africa.

Pam, another great NEWS report.  Thank you.

I approached sending it in a different way, and, for the most part it has worked.  I really wanted to get your brilliant globe & hearts on display for everyone to see Linda - it is beautifully done and represents KAS perfectly. 

What a beautiful newsletter Pam....and I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see a photo of my sweater!  I was so excited I had to run out and show my mom LOL!  It is so heartwarming to see all who have been touched and moved by KAS and above all, the photo of those beautiful children in their vests and hats!  I'm going to share the newsletter, in hopes of bringing more on-board...is that okay to do?

Blessings all and have a wonderful weekend!




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