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With MANY THANKS to Roz Goodwin, who designed an easy, marvellous, inspirational and lovely Teddy Bear pattern for the children in South Africa, who have very few toys to play with.  It is the “Pattern of the Month” at Knit-a-Square.

 I enjoyed making one and here you will find the story of “Missy Bear”

                       My name is Missy Bear. My basic outfit consists of a pink sweater and trousers in turquoise.

Anneke told me that I should go and live in South Africa to cheer up a  little girl and become a sweet friend for her. I am thrilled to go!!!

I asked her:  Before I go to SA, would you please crochet a nice belt with a yellow flower for me? It will bring a little sunshine in the life of the little girl .....and a scarf in the colour of my trousers? And look here, I feel sooo happy!


Anneke told me about the children, squares, blankets and the cold Winters in South Africa. So I asked her to make a warm sweater for me just in case it should become very cold.

I was sure that there should be a nice pattern in the KAS Pattern Book, we searched and I found a fave one: Mary Kristel’s hexagon-sweater! I hoped that she should make that one and guess what: She did!!!!

.....and that is the reason why I sat here for a looooong time because she had to measure the size!

                                                                 DESPITE THAT I KEPT SMILING  :))))


And now I am the proud owner of a hexagon sweater! I was curious to know whether it should fit (you never know)  and how it should look like and match with my basic outfit……

                                                          Wow!!! It matches!!!  And it feels so soft and warm!!!

…..and Oooh!  Have you seen my shoes? I LOOOVE them!

Would you like to know how they were made? I heard Anneke counting 22 stitches, then she started knitting at about 9 rows (she explained to me that it is equal to: “knit 18 needles”) in garterstitch, made two and attached them firmly to my feet. As an extra surprise she made  embellishments in pink!



I took so much of Anneke’s time, so I have promised to help her to finish her squares…..she used up all the yellow and purple for my belt so I grabbed a ball of PINK :))))

                                    After having finished this job I will travel to South-Africa as soon as possible!

~~~~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~~~~

The pattern invites you to be as creative as you like to be: boys outfits, girls outfits, use fluffy yarns, variegated yarns, as many plain colours as you like combined in one Teddy, embellishments, garments and so on! The Teddy can be made in any size you like.

Here is the link to Rosamund  Goodwin's Teddy Bear pattern : http://www.knit-a-square.com/sites/default/files/Knitted_Toy_Teddy_Bear.pdf

The pattern of the Chain Stitch Hexagon Sweater, designed by Mary Kristel Lokken, can be found here: http://www.knit-a-square.com/sites/default/files/Crochet_Garment_Chain_Stitch_Hexagon_SweaterR1.pdf

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Hello Missy Bear, you certainly are a very smart bear. You are going in a fabulous journey you will meet lots of new friends.you will be looked after and loved very much by your new girlfriend. Please don't worry about Anneke , we will look after her and make sure she is not lonely. She will be kept very busy as the needs for squares and teddies never stops xx

Thank you so much Sharon :)))))))   xo

What a lovely story. Enjoy your travels and your new life in South Africa.

Thank you so much Cath! xo


What talent you have.  Knitting, crocheting, photography and story telling.  Missy Bear will be so treasured with her spunky personality and all of her accessories.  I cannot wait to hear the reaction to her arrival in the sorting room.  What a great use of all the KAS patterns.  You are an inspiration to all of us.

That is just lovely - I have a teddy who has been calling out for friends to travel with him to South Africa - and a group of friends are coming to see me on 17th September to make him some travelling companions.  There are going to be so many excited and happy teddy bears in South Africa soon - I am sure that there will be some happy and excited children as well :)

(If you are able to get to Leicestershire UK on 17th September then please let me know if you would like the details to come and knit with us.)

What a wonderful idea Rebecca. 

Thank you so much for your invitation Rebecca! That is so kind of you and I hope that many friends will visit you on the 17th to make travel companions! Unfortunately I am not able to come to Leicestershire, I am on holidays and after that, appointments are planned already.

But who knows, in future :))

Wish you a lovely 17th of September :)

What a fabulous story and what a gorgeous little teddy!  Thank you so much for this Anneke, he's totally charming.  Bravo!

Missy is gorgeous !! Bon voyage, Missy!!

What a delightful story and bear !   Thank you Anneke for providing a special friend for a child. 

Anneke, not only are you wonderfully talented with your needles and hook you are a fantastic storyteller too.....Missy is absolutely adorable, she will bring so much joy to the lucky child who receives her......I love her, scarf, belt and shoes but her hexagon jumper is amazing...you are so clever adapting the pattern to fit Missy....well done and thank you for being such an inspiration to us all xx




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