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Hello, I'm new to this website and to knitting a square /blanket ext for this company.  Dose the square have to be exactly 8x8inches (20x20cm)?

My finished square is around 25/26 cm. Would this still be except-able?

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Hi Skylar.

We try to keep them as close to 8" square, as possible, simply for ease of sorting and sewing together. They are 'volunteers' in South Africa and therefore their time is usually limited and they try to get as many blankets sorted and sewn in the shortest time. However, any squares sent will always be used and most appreciated. There is a lady there who mixes and matches the 'different' sized squares and creates blankets from them, but we try to make their 'job' as easy as possible.

I am not a crocheter, but might I suggest measuring as you go. I do that with knitting whenever I try a different yarn, because they can vary so much, eh?

Thank you for asking.  :))

Ok thanks. I wasnt sure how long it would be when I started. But when I did the border it did shrink so it's around 23 cm now.  Thank you. 

Also on the finished square do I need to leave a tail for sewing the squares together?

Yes please, Skylar. A 50cms/20" tail and butterflied, if possible, please...just helps prevent tangled yarn.  :))

Here is a link for butterflying.


Ok thank you!

Welcome Skylar,

As Bev said, the square will be fine.  I'm also a crocheter and find the easiest way to make sure the square is close to 20 cm x 20 cm is to start in the centre and work my way out.  The KAS Pattern book has a number of patterns that start in the middle that you might enjoy trying.  Here is the link:  http://www.knit-a-square.com/free-crochet-patterns

The second option is to enlarge the square to 40 cm x 40 cm.

Looking forward to seeing your squares in the Photo Gallery :-)

Oh ok thank you very much
if knitting a diagonally knitted square is easiest just add one stitch each row until wide enough then decrease one stitch each row. Works well in garter and great for using up scraps to make stripes.



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