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Hi wonderful KAS people


Today is launch day for our knit-a-squillion challenge. As you know our goal is 1.2 million squares by July 2012, let's do it!


Here is what you need to do:


First download this flyer: http://www.knit-a-square.com/knit-a-squillion.html  which explains the challenge.

Then, we need every person connected with KasCare, knit-a-square, the Square Circle forum, Ravelry, Facebook ,Twitter, and who knows about our work with the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa, to:

1. To each knit or crochet 60 squares within the year ourselves
2. To Invite five other friends or family members to knit or crochet 25 squares
3. To ask each of those five people to invite one other person
4. To introduce the knit-a-square program to your local schools, churches and communities
5. To introduce the knit-a-square program to your local retirement village
6. To invite people in our small business, company or organisation to the knit-a-squillion
7. To start a knitting group
8. To write about knit-a-squillion on your favourite knitting and crochet blogs
9. To send the flyer you have downloaded to all your friends and family and ask them to pass it on to all their friends and family.
10. Add a link to the flyer on your personal facebook page

Let's start a viral movement!

Make sure you ask everyone to let the folk in South Africa know that you are working for the knit-a-squillion challenge. You have know idea how much hope this will give people there working so hard to help the children.

The flyer for you to download is at this link: http://www.knit-a-square.com/knit-a-squillion.html


It explains the challenge and it also has a sheet of 4 postal labels and a list of every important web page associated with KasCare and its' program, knit-a-square. You need to fill in the form to be able to download it which is our way of being able to measure the response. It is very quick!


You can also print the flyer from: http://allfororphans.com/knit-a-squillion/


Please let us know here who you have introduced. Whether it be friends, schools, organisations and to receive your little warmed children!


The count goes:


1 recruit = 1 warm child

1 school = 3 warm children

1 group = 3 warmed children

1 retirement village = 3 warmed children

1 organisation (ESPECIALLY CORPORATE!!) = 5 warmed children


Thank you as always for your ongoing support, we are so looking forward to seeing the squares pour in.

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Have successfully downloaded.  Let's go for it!!!!

PS Have added this challenge to my Facebook page for friends to read : Let's go for it - and make a 'real' difference to those lives of these parentless children. Follow the results on www.knit-a-square.com. If we can mobilise all the good hearted knitters-crocheters-felters-we​avers around the globe it will make these kids feel loved and valued. They have nothing, being given a blanket & hat is the world to them. If you cannot knit, but know someone who does, please tell them.


Please share the Squillion Challenge on your Facebook page to spread the word - fast!


Sandy & Kalai have done a wonderful job!

Thanks Pam, great idea to add it to people's personal facebook sites and also twitter, we should add that to the to do lists.

Looks super Kalai! I have downloaded the flyer, tweeted and facebooked the links... and will continue to do so. I think I've already got most of the people I know knitting or crocheting for KAS, so I'm not sure I'll get anyone else that way.... but, you never know!


Oh - and I bought a pound of wool yarn today.



Mary, you should be awarded hundreds of 'Warm Children Wrapped In Your Love' in retrospect!
Thanks Sandy! :-)
I concur!



xoxoxoxoxo !!!

Fantastic, well done as ever Sandy, Roger, Kalai et al.  I think the flyer is great and hope we all feel invigorated by this challenge.  Personal goal this month - get it out to 1) the local estate of retirement homes, 2) a home for the elderly I am visiting next week, 3) a knitting group I haven't been to for a while but going back next week and 4) my local WI group.  Having one piece of paper that explains it all and emphasises the postage issue makes it all so much easier.  Way to go!!

Thank you so much Pam,  that is a great start.  So exciting.


Yay Pam, that is excellent. Let us know how you go x x x



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