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Let's put Make it in May into context! 

Most of the blankets we now distribute include at least one, two or more squares, in between the ‘plain jane' (garter or plain crochet) squares that are creative, embroidered, striped, patterned, appliqued, initialed, sequined, beaded, buttoned, ribboned, multi-yarned, multi-coloured or just exquisitely made.  It is incredible how these squares lift the whole blanket into a work of great beauty.  Knit-a-square works on lots of levels, but importantly it is democratic because no one blanket is more beautiful than another. All our made by squares which are warm, cosy and have just that little bit of beauty and creativity to make the blanket unique and special to its owner.  These squares are the best way to personalise the blankets for our

Last year the challenge was to challenge yourself to try something new  -  a new stitch, learn to crochet if you knit and knit if you crochet, try dyeing your own yarn or  search out new yarns (we are told you can buy from people’s stashs on Ravelry – bound to be some great yarns available)

You can go to Zina’s blog (http://anotherlongyarn.zinalee.net/?p=1426) and try some of the designer squares, especially designed for knit-a-square by Diana Troldahl, Lucy Neatby and Kristeen Griffen-Grimes.  Also there are lots of ideas and patterns in both ravelry and in the forum.  Don’t forget to share your patterns,
ideas for decorations and photographs with the rest of us and to let us know what you are challenging yourself to do this month.  

Come on everyone, let’s Make it in May!   Cheers! Kalai and Sandy

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Hmmm, what to learn... I'll have to think on it. Looking forward to the challenge!
Great idea to spice up the plain squares, I have just purchased a flower loom a round one and a square one and boy do they look pretty when made up, have just sewn one on my go-over really looks cute, so some of my May squares will have flowers on them, good way to use up odd bits of wool to.

Love Linda.x
Oooo I want one too. Are they easy to use? I think I might have to go online for a little purchase. Yipee, a new toy!!!
Yes they are so easy to use you just wind the wool round each peg several times you have a small middle as well, you sew around the middle at the end and hey presto you have a pretty flower. It is a great toy and very cheap!!!

Love Linda.x
Been on to Amazon and ordered one. Looking forward to it arriving. I actually went for a kids set with a french knitting bobbin (for making snake embelishments) flower loom to decorate blankets and hats and a pompom maker for my hats too. It also has a set of plastic knitting pins which i will post with my next blanket parcel to someone in SA with more need than me.

Thanks for the idea.
Oh that sounds great you will be able to add lots of details, like the sound of the pompom maker might go for one of those as well. Well found.

Love Linda.x
Wow Jeni!! looked at the item on Amazon and what a lot for such little price expecially as reduced, couldn't resist have sent for one as well. Great buy.

Love Linda.x
We might just end up with flowers and poms on everything. Well at least they will look cute.
I nearly bought one of those too and then I thought I already have a knitting dolly and I have just learned to make crochet flowers so I resisted (having just spent out on wool in my local but closing shop).
Like the idea of decorating the squares though - all I have to do now is make a plain jane square which would proably be a first for me.
My kit has arrived. Yipee. The little balls of yarn are very little and will be used up by tonight but lets be honest - which of us has no yarn stash. The flower loom looks fine - I know it won't give me the variety that your set would but I am happy enough with smething basic. Even the little pompom frame looks fine - nice and easy to use and quicker and neater than my usual.
Can't wait to get home - although I did plan to cut the front hedge tonight....
Yipee, I can make flowers. Made some last night and attached them to some of my plain squares for my May blankets.
Make it in May? Yes I did. And I think they are quite cute too.
Sounds adorable Linda x x x



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