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The Mama Ntombi’s Community Projects (MNCP) was founded in 2007 and is caring for about 450 children at the Jika Joe and Ezinketheni Informal Settlements.

Knit-a-Square has networked with Mama N'tombi Community Projects for several years now, and have been able to supply hats, jumpers and blankets from time-to-time.

Louise Tidman, a member of the moderator team has stepped in to provide reports from this rural area so that we can see the developments that are taking place on a more regular basis!

Below is Louise's first report, which I'm posting on her behalf until she has mastered the process of posting from her iPad etc! Loading onto this Ning system can be quite a challenge, even when you are experienced!

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Latest update from Sandra Pillay at MNCP

Hello Louise,

I  just thought I should let you know that we have a new Team Member! Isabel Malan joined the MNCP Team today. She will be involved in using Play Therapy to assist children who have gone through trauma in their young lives - and so many of our children have - what with becoming orphaned, living in such destitute conditions and being cared for by wonderful, but aged and most illiterate grandmothers. We have given her some of the toys you sent us to use in her sessions with the children. We have one big box of toys which we are keeping as Christmas presents for the children. Isabel is also an experienced Child Evangelist and will use some of the knitted puppets that were in that box. :) 

Thank you, 

For more information about MNCP please visit their facebook page by clicking on this link. https://en-gb.facebook.com/MamaNtombisCommunityProjects/

I have three bookshelves of early stages and reading courses for beginner readers which I used to teach my granddaughter to read before she started school. There is also a quantity of nursery rhyme and story books which Fleur has outgrown and I would be delighted to find a 'good home' for these if you think they would be suitable. I could send them in batches wrapped in hats, jumpers,blankets etc to disguise the hard, flat shapes. If you think they would be of interest please send me a postal address.

Thank you for your help


Thank you for your message Marjorie.....I'm sure your books will be ideal for the MNCP preschool children and wrapped in hats, blankets, jumpers etc is an excellent disguise. I will send you the Pastor's address via private message.
Thanks again
Louise. :)))

Delightful photos of the children with the books ! Best wishes to Isabel in her work, very much needed.

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